Article Revels Sharon Prince’s Unique Approach to Social Change


A February 2019 story by Chronicle Week shed light onto the innovative and unique Grace Farms community center, which is an outreach of the Grace Farms Foundation. The foundation was co-founded in 2007 by businesswoman and philanthropist Sharon Prince.

The article highlighted the aesthetic splendor, community enrichment programs and goals of the foundation’s farm, as well as calling to attention Prince’s strategies and implementations for social change.

Grace Farms is situated on 80 acres in the town of New Canaan, Connecticut in Fairfield County. The award winning Japan based firm of SANAA designed the farm’s multi-service building, amidst garden plots, animal respites and other areas where people can take solace, gather their thoughts and pinpoint actions to take.

The SANAA designed building is called the River building. Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the building housing a library and a multi-purpose area for team sports and activities. A mural by acclaimed Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes decks the walls of a renovated barn. Studio rehearsal and performances spaces can be found onsite too. Over 100 nonprofits have gathered at the LEED Certified River building at Grace Farms to put strategies into place in hopes to foster social change.

Grace Farms Foundations spearheads it’s on initiatives there too. The organization has partnered with well-known organizations like the United Nations on issues like human trafficking and child exploitation. Currently the foundation partners with Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters in partnership to combat modern slavery. The foundation anchors local community change at the farm as well, by inviting locals to meals and community enrichment programs onsite.

As Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundations since 2009, Sharon Prince is tasked with overseeing the vision of the organization in efforts to promote positive social change. Prince is former Tulsa University Golden Hurricane.

Sharon is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.


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