You Would Be Surprised to Know What Oren Frank Did for a Living Before Starting Talkspace

In the healthcare and digital solutions sector, Oren Frank is most popularly known as helming online behavioral therapy solutions Talkspace. As the company’s CEO, he has been front and center in developing the text, voice and video based therapy platform that currently stands as one of the most popular apps of its kind.

Offering a number of mental health solutions, Talkspace holds a certain distinction in the online therapy sector. With the promise of providing sessions with certified mental health professionals in affordable rates, the platform has grown to be popular among various segments under the leadership of Oren Frank. Those who cannot fit in regular visits to the therapist in their schedule or who are unable to afford the sky high cost of such sessions could easily turn to Talkspace for affordable therapy solutions. Watch Talkspace CEO Oren Frank interviewed on Youtube channel.

As the firm’s co-founder and CEO, Oren Frank is integral to the delivery of these services. Seeing this, those who have used Talkspace or who have started keeping tabs on the service are intrigued to learn about Frank’s background. If you are one such person, then you would be interested to learn that Frank wasn’t always connected to the psychotherapy segment.

Before he got settled in New York, Oren Frank was based in the U.K. and Israel and worked in advertising medium. In this sector, Frank had strong ties with global advertising firm McCann Erickson (now McCann) and its various associated companies.

Starting as a Regional Creative Director with the firm’s London branch in 2001, Oren Frank transferred to the company’s Tel Aviv operations in 2003. After serving his role as CEO for WorldGroup Israel as well as being the Chairman for McCann Digital till 2007, Frank took on the role as the Global Chief Creative Officer of MRM Worldwide.

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Talkspace – Therapy Made Easy for People with Mental Problems

Depression is much more common than one can imagine. The problem is that not everyone gets help for it. Depression can completely change a person, and one will stop enjoying the things that they earlier used to. It will also affect its personal and professional relationships with others. If you have been long-suffering, and you think that you might be depressed, you should have it medically diagnosed. If you are depressed or are unable to understand the odd feeling that you might be getting, it is time to seek therapy. Therapy goes a long way in ensuring that one is able to live a healthy life. Those who do not want to go to a therapist but still want to get help should look at online therapy app Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the top online therapy apps that has made therapy affordable and reachable to people. It has long been seen that therapy is mostly used by wealthy people as they have the money for it. Therapy does not come cheap, and not everyone has that amount of money. But, therapy is useful for mental health problems, including depression. It allows people to understand their feelings and know what to do about it. Thus, Talkspace wanted to bring therapy to the people’s smartphone and talk to a therapist when they want to. Talkspace also has a variety of different plans for their clients to choose from.

Talkspace is a revolutionary app that has brings about a major change in the therapy industry. People are becoming more open to getting therapy and are not limited by cost. The best thing about them is that the therapists are licensed and spread all across the country. But, it does not matter since the clients can text or video call them when they need to.


Facing the Challenge of Mental Health Care with Oren Frank

Mental health is a global crisis. It seems like every day, there’s another news story highlighting the mental health difficulties caused by modern life. Whether that’s a violent outburst, a statistic about PTSD, or an announcement of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s newest charity, discussions of mental health are everywhere.

One of the most pressing issues about mental health care is access. Even in places like Canada and the UK, where mental health treatment is covered, there are long wait lists. In the US, people in rural communities may have difficulty finding a provider. Waiting lists for in-network providers can be long. And for chronic conditions, office visits can get very expensive. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank knows all of this. In fact, this unique set of circumstances inspired him to find a solution. Out of this desire, Talkspace was born. Oren Frank and his wife, Roni, have understood the pressure on the system and need for more services. That’s part of why they founded Talkspace in 2012.

The simplest way to explain their philosophy is “therapy for all.” Oren and Rani Frank harnessed the power of technology to eliminate many of the traditional barriers to therapy. Talkspace offers therapy via text and online. Texting plans are available for adults, teens and couples. Online therapy may involve video calls or voice chats.

Talkspace also has other advantages. This service makes it easy for people to access the services they need, when they need them. For example, a text plan makes it possible for someone with PTSD to reach out to his or her counselor at the time they feel triggered. They don’t have to wait for their appointment to roll around, and they don’t have to worry their therapist is in session all day.

Oren Frank’s work as co-founder of Talkspace has truly been revolutionary. Talkspace is making mental health care available to more people than ever before. This increased access is changing the mental health landscape. Learn More:

Serge Belamant Takes Over the Creation of Blockchain Technology

His name is Serge Belamant, and he is responsible for founding blockchain technologies. He is also an experienced software developer and was instrumental in the creation of various blockchain technologies. Mr. Serge Belamant assisted in creating cryptocurrencies. His innovation has undoubtedly made it simpler for banks to process transactions such as investments and withdrawals efficiently. Serge hails from Tulle, France. He grew up in SA. In his teenage years, he learned how to communicate in English. That way, he was in a position to join a high school where he took up several physical activities before joining the rugby and chess clubs. Belamant was a perfectionist. He also took up various roles in the school’s sports fraternity where he became the head prefect of the club. Over the years, he would receive the Victor Ludorum award as a house captain in charge of general operations. He also attended the bridge club and represented his class in Congress. Serge Belamant would then help his team to win the championship in 1972.

When he graduated from high school, Serge joined the Witwatersrand University for engineering. He changed his mind and attended UNISA for computer systems. He also pursued information systems. Over the years, he discontinued his studies before taking up 3rd-year courses through UNISA. However, he didn’t find it necessary to complete his course. He proceeded to the work sector where he worked for Matrix, in the division of IBM computers. The skilled computer analyst would use software analysis tools to measure water levels found in dams. He also used the systems to predict future droughts.

Serge Belamant also worked with high-profile companies as a key contributor in establishing technological advancements that transformed how people use financial banking systems. His ability to create digital financial transacting software has highly been upheld. In 1989, he established Net 1 Technologies. The company enhances electronic payment systems by offering a chance for people to transfer grants to individuals in need across the world. Today, the firm is a leading software provider for emerging and established companies. He recently founded Zilch Technologies. He is also an advisor at Prism Group.

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Introducing Serge Belamant, One Of The Inventors Of Blockchain Technology

When it comes to baseball, the two biggest legends are Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth. In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin who are credited with creating the first digital currency, Bitcoin. However, there is another person extremely important to the start of cryptocurrencies. This is Serge Belamant.

He doesn’t get the name recognition that other stars in the technology sector get such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. However, his contributions to technology are just as vital as these other people. He created blockchain technologies and holds the patent on many of them.

Blockchain technology is what cryptocurrencies are based on. This is an online distributed ledger that is encrypted. Each ledger has information in it that is time-stamped and holds other data about financial transactions. Serge Belamant created this technology in order to provide transparency to companies in the financial industry.

Transferring money internationally using traditional systems is very difficult to do. Blockchain technology, though, makes it easy to move money over borders. This technology can be used in other ways as well such as smart contracts.

Serge Belamant got his start in blockchain technology by developing a smart card. His cards had microprocessors in them which could work both online and offline. He ended up with several important patents that he obtained over two decades. The patents go into very difficult technical language that is very hard to parse for most people, though, so explaining them is difficult.

One of his patents occurred on May 22, 2001. This created a system whereby people could play video games in hotels and other locations with a lot of people around. The players can make secure bets and get their winnings placed on a smart card. Another patent Serge Belamant has, published on May 17, 2012, provides security for financial transactions. It verifies who starts the transaction and the recipient. In order to be even more secure, Serge Belamant made it so that both parties are also verified by an independent party.

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A Background of Serge Belamant and some of his Career Achievements

Most people know him as the patent holder of several blockchain technologies. He is a professional software developer, and his skills have been instrumental in developing several blockchain technologies. He is one of the pioneers of digital currencies. Most of his work has had a significant impact on the banking sector and has facilitated transactions such as depositing, investments, and withdraws between different parties. Serge Belamant was born in France in the year 1953. However, he later relocated to South Africa where he acquired his high school and university education.

Serge Belamant learned how to speak in English in his new country of residence. He enrolled at The Highlands North School and was one of the best athletes during his time. He was appointed as the institution’s head prefect in 1972. Serge was also a house captain. The software developer went to Witwatersrand University and The University of South Africa to advance his education. He got his first job at a company called Matrix. The engineering firm hired Mr. Belamant as he had studied engineering during his university education. Learn more about Serge Belamant at Prabook.

The blockchain technologies expert worked on different sizes of IBM computers earlier in his career. He displayed his skills in developing applications after introducing applications that were useful in measuring water levels in reservoirs throughout the country. Relevant government agencies used the applications to determine the possibility of drought in future. He was hired by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to develop customized computer models. Some of his inventions while working at the body introduced new mapping technologies. Serge Belamant joined engineers at Control Data during a benchmarking exercise against different computer manufacturers and that earned him some extra income.

Serge Belamant was later hired by the company to become part of the application support team. Some of his work at the firm included debugging code and operating different scientific packages. He impressed his employers and was named the analyst of the year in 1980. Serge also worked for the RSA military using his knowledge in linear and non-linear programming. He was also awarded as a system’s analyst of the year in 1982 due to his outstanding skills.


Childhood lessons that made Richard Liu Qiangdong a successful entrepreneur

When Richard Liu Qiangdong looks back at the journey that he has been through on his way to the top of the entrepreneurship chain, he remembers the lessons that emanated from his childhood. Many people think that he has always had it easy, but Liu says that he has been through some of the most challenging situations. His story started when he was growing up in a small town in the province of Jiangsu, China. During those days, he was dependent on his parents who were nothing more than ordinary workers in a coal company. They spent so many hours at work, but they did not miss an opportunity to spend time with their son.

It takes a lot of hard work

One of the lessons that Richard Liu took from his parents was the need for hard work. Just the same way they used to spend a lot of time trying to earn a living at the coal mine, they wanted their son to know that nothing in this world comes easy. He took their advice seriously and so; he worked hard in everything he did. Richard Liuremained focused both in and out of school and by the time he was joining the People’s University of China, he already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Starting a career

Richard Liu Qiangdong began his career by working for a company from Japan which was selling health supplements and other products in China. This was after he had taken several courses in computer. At the company, he also worked at the computers department where he even became a manager. Therefore, he had gathered a lot of experience about the use of technology and therefore, when he finally ventured into business, he knew how to create an e-commerce website that would make it bigger.

After creating, Richard Liu became one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in China and therefore, he got a lot of offers from bigger companies. That is the way he ended up partnering with many of them to list their quality products on his website. Today, his business is valued at more than 12 billion dollars.

About Richard Liu: Makes First Ever Appearance at CES 2019

The 2019 CES convention was the first that has ever been in attendance of. They amazed spectators with their futuristic technology innovations. In booth number 30329 the company informed the public about its message; “delivering the future of shopping.”

The primary goal of JDs attendance at the convention was to relay their belief in boundaryless retail. Among some of their exhibits where displays with information about how artificial intelligence and robotics have created their modern and effective supply chain. has visualized and created technology that does is incredibly useful. The conference was a great place to show off their achievements.

Attending the conference was also in line with their company’s vision which is to get global retailers around the globe to implement their patented technology. This would make the founder of a new infrastructure of shopping which is powered by their systems.. Two days before the CES convention JD opened to smart delivery stations. One is located in Changsha and the other in Hohhot. These new smart delivery stations perform research and development, testing and training of company personnel on innovative technologies. uses robots for the final delivery of packages from sorting centers to recipients. Their robots can hold up to 30 packages at a time and deliver them within a 5 km radius of the warehouse. The robots are able to plan the route, avoid accidents and use intersection lights. Recipients will receive their packages via face recognition technology. The last mile delivery robots are completely secure for senders and receivers. The two smart stations built before the convention have a 50-50 ratio of staff to robots. In full operation stations can deliver 2000 packages a day. has set itself up to be one of the greatest economic players of all time. It is possible that the company will lead the world into a true fourth industrial revolution.

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In the modern world, technology is a significant part of our lives and has over the years grown into something we cannot do without. It has helped make life easier through improving communication, reducing the time to accomplish tasks and so on. However, there are downsides to technology, and one of them is cyber theft, which has made the likes of William Saito to come up with Cybersecurity solutions.


William Saito has been recognized by some of the biggest companies like Ernest & Young and NASDAQ for his expertise on cybersecurity. This tech genius has a way to come up with ideas and solutions to crisis management. For starters, his curiosity as he explains; “I’ve always been curious about how things work. I couldn’t just be satisfied by understanding how to use a computer, I needed to know how it was built and I would take them apart to understand the inner workings, all the way down to the microchip level” such curiosity has helped William Saito in understanding crisis and how to deal with it.


Saito has been in the middle of the crisis such as 9/11 and Y2K that have broadened his understanding of cybersecurity. By learning the minor mismanagement and small errors from these incidences, he has incorporated this approach to help companies strengthen their security and prevent risks from happening.


Besides his experiences, William Saito is passionate about matters involving tech as he said in an interview, “I’ve been involved in the technology industry since it’s early inception” William had made an impact in the industry at the age of 10 as a computer programing intern and starting his firm while in college.


William Saito has used his ability to think critically as a strength to face any crisis. In his experience in college, he had to “fake it till he made it” following an investor’s interest (NFC) in meeting the people they had invested with. William and his team established an office space and equipped it to look like a real office and this set things rolling afterward.


In addition, William Saito believes in teamwork. He collaborated with friends to make his software firm successful. To him, “a good leader recognizes the value of talented people and uses this strength to help complement weaknesses.” He, therefore, prefers to work with companies formed by teams. William has excelled as a venture capitalist, IT strategist and an author as well.

How William Saito Started Out with Cybersecurity

William Saito has always been interested in cybersecurity. He knows a lot about it and he knows the right way to do different things with cybersecurity. While he was learning about different components of the industry, he started showing people the right way to do things. He wanted to make sure all the people he helped had a chance to learn more about what he could do to help them and that’s something that made things easier for William Saito to understand. He always wanted to help people and didn’t back down when it came to threats to cybersecurity. As long as he could help people understand all the options he had, he made sure others were working toward a better future in the industry. It made more sense for people to see how he could make things better. It also made everything change the way he did business and what he wanted to do to make the company better.


By the time William Saito started helping people have an understanding of the things they could get from the business, he knew how to help and what it would require to come up with new ideas. He also felt things would continue getting better so he could make positive changes to the industry. There were times when William Saito struggled to make connections with the people he helped understand cybersecurity and that’s how he pushed to do things the right way. No matter what, William Saito always wanted people to understand he was working toward a better future with the industry standards.

There were times when William Saito had to show his dedication to other areas. In fact, he used his experience to stop cybersecurity threats that were happening around the world. It made sense for him to continue showing people they had to do more to make things better. It also made it easier for him to continue showing people they had someone who cared about different situations they were in. For William Saito to do this, he had to be sure he was showing other people information about cybersecurity.