What happened to the “world dominator” firm?

For over five years, Walmart has been the king of the industries of the state. The company which flourished from a small stall to one with branches all over the USA has been a role model to other companies until after the release of the last year’s financial results. The company has been making significant losses for the last two years and this has resulted in the increase in the gap between the company and Amazon. Although the company provided excellent results in the last quarter of the year the online sales had drastically decreased and this meant also resulted in making losses.

Dan who is among, the financial advisers to the company said that the company had been experiencing challenges in adapting to and figuring out to work with e-commerce. As a result, the company has been unable to efficiently reach out to clients who would prefer purchasing goods online. The company has more stores in all states that their largest competitors who are Amazon. This means that the largest number of household buy goods from the stores of Walmart.

Since the release of the financial results, most people who were shareholders at Walmart have been selling their shares. The haste decision will lead to most of them regretting as Walmart has been working on strategies to improve their online sales. This means that in a couple of few years the company will be back to its position.

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