Marc Beer Continues To Be A Major Player In Today’s Rapidly Growing Fields Of Biotechnology And Biomedicine:

Renovia is the company known as the maker of Leva. The product is a revolutionary solution to the treatment of women’s pelvic floor disorders. A big part of the reason why Renovia has become so successful in a short time is due to its excellent leadership team that is headed up by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Marc Beer. Marc is joined on his expert leadership staff by Chief Commercial Officer William Dull, Chief Science Officer Jose Bohorquez, Chief Medical Officer Samantha Pulliam, and Jessica McKinney who serves at Renovia as its VP of Medical Affairs. The success is also due to the collaboration between Marc Beer and his two fellow co-founders Yolanda Lori and Ray Iglesias. These individuals have come together under the guidance of expert entrepreneur Marc Beer to form a company that is making a big difference in the world of women’s health. The recent Series B funding found that was spearheaded by Marc Beer is another factor that is helping with the growth at Renovia. This large amount of funding has gone toward several business needs such as operating costs and product development. 


The career trajectory that Marc Beer has enjoyed since the mid-1980s is what has allowed him to build up the experience and the knowledge that was necessary to successfully launch Renovia. He graduated from the University of Miami in 1987 after completing a course of study in business. Having this knowledge, plus a skill at entrepreneurship that he seems to be born with has made for a great combination and it has led Marc Beer to consistent success. After he graduated, Marc Beer cut his teeth in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with the Genzyme firm. He had a successful run with the company that led to him being named as the Vice President for Global Marketing. This gave Marc Beer a great chance to show his full skill set. He took advantage of this and the result was the fact that millions of individuals had access to products that helped in their medical treatment. This success also inspired Marc Beer to found his own company known as ViaCell. Learn more:


Marc Beer created his ViaCell business in 2000 with a goal of doing important research on umbilical cord stem cells. The dedication that he put into the business led to rapid growth and Marc was able to go public with the operation in 2005. Two years later, in 2007, he was able to sell ViaCell for a massive profit. 


After some time away from the world of running companies, Marc Beer launched Renovia as his latest project. He continues to have a commitment to growing the business and helping countless women around the world with new and innovative products. He also recently received his approval as the new Chairman at the biomedical firm LumeNXT. Being awarded this position is a result of the massive amount of experience and success that Marc Beer has in leading firms in the biomedical and biotech spheres of business.

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Sergey Petrossov: A Superior Flying Experience with JetSmarter

When people think about the world of private jet travel, they likely have images of super-wealthy individuals setting foot on their private plane and jetting off to a tropical paradise. While there are certainly people who fit this description, this isn’t the only type of person who uses a private jet. Now, Sergey Petrossov has designed an app, called JetSmarter, and turned it into a company that is valued north of $1.5 billion. The business model is unique and there are numerous members that have already signed up for JetSmarter. With the price point starting to drop, the world of private jet travel is more accessible than ever before.

Multiple Types of Consumers Use jet Smarter

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter have targeted two separate swaths of people. The first people are those who already fly via private jet. These are individuals who pay about $150,000 for 20 hours of private jet travel per year. While this cost sounds prohibitive to most, it isn’t to this group of people. On the other hand, there is a second type of consumer. The cost of entry for those who travel for business have an entry point that is about ten times less than the private individuals discussed above. What this means is that commercial might be cheaper; however, JetSmarter is a superior experience which makes it all worth it.

Sergey Petrossov

A Superior Flying Experience Those who fly on JetSmarter do not have to wait in the tremendous queues of the commercial world. They don’t have to be cramped in a seat and fight for peanuts. Instead, when they arrive at the airport, there is a JetSmarter representative who is ready to take their bags and walk them to the plane. No longer will someone have to wait for four hours or more at the airport. JetSmarter is changing the way people fly and, as more people continue to use the service, the price will continue to drop. Eventually, this company is going to take some market share from the commercial industry as well.


The Planning and Action Phases of Building Abroad Under Maarten de Jeu

A business leader from the last century and a current leader might seem similar on the surface, but there are key differences that give them both fundamentally different approaches. An individual from the 20th century would focus on the local market and gain trust with the consumers step-by-step. There would be no drive to grow a business beyond its regional center of operations. However, an economy under the influence of Maarten de Jeu has become geared towards globalization. A current business leader is oftentimes overseeing the production in several countries and holding on to a piece of the global market. An article published by Premiere Gazette expands on how a single individual started a global trend.


Maarten de Jeu is most known as the individual whom most of the Fortune 500 companies like to hire for their projects. He started on the right foot by mastering several languages right out of the gate. An internationally driven businessman will have trouble advancing if they can’t speak the local language on a moment’s notice. Maarten de Jeu increased his position by obtaining a degree at the University of Oxford, and in 2012 creating the SVM Business Advisory. This gave him all the tools he needed to attract clients and open up their doors to the endless potential of the overseas market.


The process of creating a new facility from idea to successful venture takes years. It is a slow process that often has to be re-evaluated at each point to ensure no oversight from either party. Maarten de Jeu begins the journey by providing information about his client’s country of choice. The consultation phase consists of drafting an outline of how the expansion will go, in addition to an in-depth review of the region’s economic history. An assessment of the global affairs in relation to the target country must be taken into account. Once everything has been given the green-light, then Maarten de Jeu puts the plan into action. Learn more:


In a matter of months or a few years, his client will have their new facility ready for operations. However, a new set of hurdles will present themselves at this point in the process. A business that does not show any respect towards local customs and beliefs, will likely not be acknowledged by the residents. Maarten de Jeu does his best to cover the presentation aspect as it relates to these issues, but a business can strengthen their local hand by using locals to operate the facility. The number one rule for an overseas operation is ensuring there is no weakening of a product’s quality. Consumers should expect to be treated fairly by a company. A positive consumer and company relationship is essential.

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Smita Shah Succeeded in a Male Dominated Industry and Empowers Other Women to Do the Same

Smita Shaah is one of the most popular engineers and entrepreneurs around the world, and she isn’t bashful about giving tips on how to excel in these male dominated industries. Before women empowerment and feminism even became concepts, Smitah Shaah had already been practicing these movements by kicking butt during her elementary years. Even when she was in pigtails, she already dabbled in math contests, where here primary competitors were all boys.


Since she just loved math and science, she took up engineering and business education in these impressive and prestigious universities: Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. She moved on to establish SPAA Tech, Inc., in 1998, which to this very day still remains as one of the most in demand and fastest growing engineering companies in the country. This multi-awarded business proves to be a reliable firm that can tackle complex technical problems and scientific issues with ease and grace.


Ms Shah has strongly committed herself to her advocacy of empowering women by cheering them on to get their education, promoting the value of innovation, and encouraging them to dabble in entrepreneurship. She is a strong supporter of small business growth in emergent industries and she strongly believes in the value of promoting community enterprise. Every chance she gets, she is ready to mentor you girls, young professionals, and aspiring future leaders. Learn more:


Shah would like remind everyone that there are over one hundred million businesses owned by females around the globe. This figure may still be outnumbered by men, but it is concrete enough to prove that women can do it if they want to. According to her, all it takes is dedication, hard work, and belief in one’s self. It is true that not every woman will succeed in business, but the same applies to men too.


According to Smita Shah, if women look forward to succeeding they must keep in mind to imbibe and do these things: 

  • It is critical for women to believe in themselves, so they can move with confidence and inspire others to do the same.
  • They must thoroughly assess and examine their abilities and talents, so they are clear on what they can offer the world.
  • They must exert a strong presence in a male dominated world, and they must push forth even if they afraid.
  • It is critical for women to never let anyone else take credit for their work
  • They have to focus on short-term goals to slowly achieve the bigger goals.
  • They must learn to quash feminine stereotypes.
  • Women must never be ashamed to factor in their cultural customs.
  • They must learn to make others respect their position in the company hierarchy.
  • Women must compartmentalize by keeping private and professional lives separate.
  • They must continue to manage their time efficiently.

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James River Capital and the Pursuit of Money

James River CapitalJames River Capital understands that there are many people who want to pursue wealth. There are those that do so and succeed in an extraordinary fashion while there are those that do so and don’t find the success that they want. Many people are inclined to talk about passive income and wealth generation through building a business, and they can do so if they take action and stop dreaming.

The founders of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, and other people in the firm realize that it is about understanding the bigger picture, minimizing risk, and doing what it takes to get the right returns.

This concept of obtaining the right returns isn’t always easy. It takes grit, persistence, and hard work, and many fund managers have witnessed this in their careers.

No one thinks about the value of the work that compounds over time, they look at the results and think about how lucky one person or another got. This concept is rarely the case, overnight successes don’t happen, and more work takes place behind the scenes.

The truth is that to make passive income, individuals should focus on active income. Their active income should be substantial and should be something that will return substantial gains over time.

What types of active income is there in the marketplace that would return the right results?

Each person has different skill sets and key-value that they can add to a firm; they must discover it and then progress from there to making it happen. The idea is to solve problems each day and make an impact by working specifically and accurately each day. This concept of outworking others in a specific system will provide high dividends overall.

Don’t worry about hard work as an entrepreneur. Make sure to invest in the right activities that will bring in revenue and continue from there. Many don’t focus on the events that will bring in revenue. Instead, they focus on activities that may seem like busywork. When bootstrapping, a viable method of funding a business, according to Paul Saunders, one must be laser-focused on the key activities that matter.

Marc Beer Cultivates Success With Each Professional Stop That He Makes:

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the name Marc Beer has been closely tied to excellence and entrepreneurship in the biotechnology field. This is because the businessman and executive have a consistent track record of building businesses into success stories. He has shown the ability to do this again and again. Perhaps the best explanation for why Marc Beer has been able to consistently repeat his successes across numerous businesses is because he is an expert at developing strong business plans and coming up with solutions for any problem or obstacle that presents itself. Marc Beer has been achieving these types of successes since obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business in 1987 from Miami University. He obtained a great basis of education through his college studies but the reality is that Marc Beer is simply an individual with a natural talent for business and the motivation to put that talent to use.


It was only a short time after wrapping up his college courses that Marc Beer started working professionally in the pharmaceutical field. He quickly distinguished himself by way of his work in the marketing field within that industry and caught the attention of the leadership at Genzyme. He rose through the ranks at the pharmaceutical firm and became its VP in the Global Marketing department. It was as a direct result of the work that Marc Beer did in this position that Genzyme was able to grow its market share significantly and reach a much larger customer base. This accomplishment helped Marc Beer to stand out amongst his peers as a true innovator. Learn more:


By 2000 Marc Beer made a big career move that would help to solidify his reputation within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. It was during that year that he launched the ViaCell company. The firm grew rapidly and had already put out its IPO in 2005. When Marc Beer sold the firm in 2007, it was an employer of more than three hundred people and was at the forefront of working on treatment solutions for a variety of different conditions. This was yet another impressive chapter that showcased Marc Beer’s uncanny ability to cultivate success in every endeavor that he pursues.


Marc Beer has not slowed down even though he has been working hard for the past twenty-five years. His latest venture was kicked off in 2016 and it is a company called Renovia. This unique and innovative firm is working towards treatment solutions for pelvic floor disorders that women suffer from. The rapidly growing operation was created by Marc Beer along with his two co-founders. The firm has already received some impressive recognition since its beginnings in 2016. This includes the FDA approval for the first product offering from Renovia that is known as Leva.

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Smita Shah a Woman with a Purpose and Vision

Smita Shah SPAAN Tech Inc’s founder and managing director is a mentor, role model, and voice of women aspiring to be entrepreneurs and leaders. Shah is an award-winning women’s rights activist and a pioneer female engineer in a male-dominated industry. Shah an alma mater of top Ivy League university Oxford and MIT understands what it takes for a woman to become successful in the workplace and entrepreneurship. Shah says it is not easy for women to achieve success in business and the workplace since they are mostly discriminated against and viewed as weaker sex whose work is to serve tea in the office and be submissive to men. Learn more:

Smita Shah says it is not impossible for women to become successful in business. She is a practical example of a woman who has achieved success, not in any other field but a field that for centuries has been dominated by the men. Women have the ability and skills to succeed in any field say, Shah. What they lack are other women role models who can guide them to the path of success. From statistics, they are 100 million women who are doing well in the world of entrepreneurship but this according to Shah is just the tip of an iceberg as there are many businesses out there that are owned by men. Share shares some of the principles that have helped her achieve success and become an influential and powerful woman.

One guiding principle that has helped Smita Shah to become successful in business is time management. Time according to Shah is a precious commodity and should be well utilized. Shah says success comes with much responsibility. Moreover, entrepreneurship is more demanding and needs a lot of time and energy. Shah says if one is not careful and does not properly manage time, then it is easy to get burnt out. Shah understands perfectly well that being your own boss comes with a price and among many things putting more time and energy in the business is the price one has to pay. Shah says even though one has to sacrifice a lot of time and energy at work, they should always remember to take some time off to relax and spend time with family. Having time for personal life matters is equally important says Shah’s as it not only keeps one healthy but also gives one more energy.

Another critical success factor, according to Smita Shah, is keeping professional and private matters separate. Shah says in most cases to make it in business for a woman requires her to work for a long one and put almost everything on the line, including family. Shah says women entrepreneurs need to balance work and life by separating their professional lives from their personal lives. Learning to delegate duties and responsibilities will make it possible for women to balance the two. Shah says that if a female entrepreneur is a wife or a mother, she should not take her office work back home. At home, she needs to wear a different hat and perform her duties and responsibilities.

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The Young IT Genius Sergey Petrossov

It is very rare for someone as young as 29-years old to end up on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. It is also equally rare to be awarded Florida’s prestigious commerce and innovation award. Sergey Petrossov has achieved both of these things on route to establishing his 1.5 billion dollar app company, JetSmarter. Started in 2009 on a whim, JetSmarter has completely transformed the ticket booking landscape for private jet charters. Mobile apps have completely taken over the greater transportation game over the last decade, and the arena of private jet travel is no exception. Like Uber, JetSmarter allows anyone to book a private jet at the push of their mobile cellphone button.

Sergey Petrossov

For years the private jet booking protocol was to reply on outdated and archaic means of ticket booking. Typically, clients were forced to call the charter company responsible for booking the tickets, or worse, they needed to show up in person to secure their private jet flight. Sergey Petrossov loved his first private jet experience in 2008, however, he was horrified by how old-school the entire business seemed to be. The moment he unboarded the first private jet that he ever flew on, he made it his life’s mission to infuse the private jet world with the latest in cutting edge mobile technology. JetSmarter now makes booking private jet flights easier than it ever was before, offering streamlined ticket booking access to anyone with a smartphone, laptop, or digital tablet.

JetSmarter works through a connection to a large and intricate web of private jet charter companies. At last count, the app is connected to over 3,000 charter companies worldwide spread across 175 different countries. The user downloads the app and is then able to book a private jet flight as easy as they would book an Uber taxi. JetSmarter users can book private jets for themselves or their specific group, or they can join together with other JetSmarter users and form a Rideshare type of collective. By booking a private jet flight as a group, passengers are able to substantially lower their overall ticket costs while simultaneously increasing the total rate that the jet charter company receives for the overall booking.

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Smita Shah and her love for math

Smita Shah is President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc. She is a Professional Engineer authorized in various states with a broad building and business instruction.Ms. Shah is an industry master, powerful business pioneer and prominent keynote speaker much of the time cited in nearby, national, and universal media. She is the beneficiary of various business accomplishment grants, on the Board of Directors for driving organizations and associations, and has served under White House organizations. 


Smita Shah established SPAAN Tech, Inc., a building organization that gives elective answers for the most testing specialized undertakings. A strong visionary, Ms. Shah has fabricated an honor winning business perceived by Inc Magazine as One Of The Fastest Growing Companies. 


Ms. Shah has been perceived for her commitment to reinforce worldwide organizations and is the beneficiary of congressionally perceived Ellis Island Medal of Honor. She is a city head and key guide for driving open approach associations and has been recognized for her solid promise to support entrepreneurism and advancement, advocate for the development of independent companies in rising businesses, and advance network endeavor. Ms. Shah grasps each chance to guide youthful experts and move future pioneers.


Smita Shah is a self-announced math nerd. As a fifth-grader in west rural Willowbrook, she sat with companions in the back of class changing over word issues into logarithmic conditions. 


She demonstrates a similar drive today as the leader of Spaan Technology, a Chicago innovation and ventures the board firm she established in 1998 in the wake of winning a graduate degree in common and ecological building from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Be that as it may, rather than math issues, she unravels building enigmas — regardless of whether it’s the manner by which to update electrical frameworks for the Chicago Public Schools or configuration traffic signals for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. In the previous decade, her organization has developed to more than a few workers and tens of millions in yearly income. A year ago, it was Smita Shah Inc. magazine’s rundown of the 5 g’s quickest developing privately owned businesses. Learn more:


Smita Shah isn’t regularly a word related to electrical designing, seepage, and hydrology, Ms. Shah utilizes it to depict a considerable lot of her activities, including moving Commonwealth Edison Co’s. call focus in Oak Brook amidst a power outage, assessing a $510-million redesign to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line and counseling on moves up to pipes and apparatuses in U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago office.

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James River Capital – article recap

Many people have had great ideas for businesses, but it’s not always easy to convince other people to fund them. Paul Saunders of James River Capital knows exactly how it is, and he wanted to let budding entrepreneurs know how they can find funding for their business ventures. If you follow his advice, you will make your entrepreneurial dreams come true in no time at all. 


The first method is “bootstrapping,” and this is when you use the money in your savings accounts and your credit cards. You can also ask your family and friends for loans. This is the best thing that you could do because it doesn’t require that you offer other people shares in your company. In addition to that, it will be easier to convince your friends and family members to contribute money to your cause if you are the first to do so. 


In turn, friends and family make it easier for strangers to invest in your business because if the friends and family members of an entrepreneur don’t believe in him or her, other people wonder why they should. Learn more:


The second option is crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, a large group of people pledges money to support an idea in which they believe. This option is great for an entrepreneur who is starting out with nothing because the investors do not expect you to pay them back. 


Paul Saunders also advises that you look into the more conventional forms of funding a business. The Small Business Administration is one option, but banks provide people with business loans as well. You can get a bank loan with a lower interest rate than an SBA loan, but a bank loan is harder to get. 


The Angel Capital Association helps you find angel investors. Angel investors are willing to invest as much as $10,000 in a great idea. 


Venture capitalists find financial vehicles for their clients’ money, and they choose investments for them that appear as if they will make the investors money in a short period of time. Specifically, these investors are expecting you to offer them three to 10 times their initial investment, and they expect to receive it in five to seven years.


The last option that Paul Saunders suggests entrepreneurs do is trade equity in your future company in exchange for the money that you need to get the business started. You might like this option because it doesn’t cause you to take out loans and start out with debt. Also, without any loans to repay, you won’t need to turn a profit so quickly. 


James River Capital became an independent investment firm in 1995 when Paul Saunders combined forces with Kevin Brandt and founded the firm. 

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