Larry Madowo Loves His Defaced Wikipedia Page

Larry Madowo, host of The Trend show on NTV, received a screenshot of his Wikipedia page one morning from one of his viewers, only to discover that the edited version listed him as being born in 1889 and employed as a politician. The edited version went on to describe him as a “Kenyan politician who was the leader of the Kazi Party,” The incorrect information states that he was birthed in Uganda, where his trade was mining copper. In 1919, he aligned himself with the Kenyan workers party, emerging as the leader of the can’t see party in 1921. In an attempt to establish control and power over the girl God movement, he staged a failed attempt to revolt in Kisumu. The page further claims that from 1933 to 1945, Madowo served as the Chancellor of Kenya while simultaneously serving as the leader of the Kazi Kenya party. As the dictator of this organization, it claims his invasion of Poland in September 1939 initiated will award to in Europe and that he played a significant role in the Jewish Holocaust. The report concludes by stating that even though there are suspicions that he could possibly be a vampire, for now Madowo works as news anchor. You can see why when someone decides to edit a Wikipedia page it can be all fun and games or it can be a nightmare for the company.

Occurrences such as this, while rare, are possible since the portal is open to businesses and individuals to monitor or update a Wikipedia page. The problem comes into play when people either input incorrect information that could be viewed as malicious, or the result of someone obtaining information without verifying the accuracy of the information before making Wikipedia revisions. In either case, the end result is incorrect information that must be identified and corrected before it is too late. In some cases, especially when the page is about a celebrity or business, the individual or entity named in the page is not notified of the information quickly, have no knowledge of the inaccuracy of the information, and does not have the available time or detailed knowledge on how to remedy the situation.

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