Seymour Segnit Draws On Inspiring Material for Success


Seymour Segnit has advice for anyone interested in launching a new business. He feels you must put 80% of your available time into the venture. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. Seymour Segnit made his company MAGFAST a crowdfunding sensation by selling nearly 70,000 units within 15 minutes of the open. He knows more than a little bit about success.

Segnit also knows innovation sells. MAGFAST sells smartphone chargers that don’t rely on all those easy-to-tangle cords. The chargers the company sells utilize magnets to keep everything orderly. They also connect decoratively. The cool decorations add some style to whatever environment they appear.

Long before becoming the kingpin at MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit made a name for himself in Silicon Valley with other endeavors. For a Silicon Valley startup, he raised millions of dollars. The experience likely factored into his ability to succeed in his approach to raising money for MAGFAST. Before revealing the MAGFAST charger line, Segnit developed a USB charger on a previous job. Success at earlier endeavors often creates a course for future achievement.

Where did this brilliant entrepreneur garner his influences? He didn’t pick up some esoteric book only a handful of people read. Seymore Segnit is a huge fan of the classic works by Dale Carnegie and a modern book about Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo. Visit This Page for related information.

The reading list is somewhat eye-opening. Successful people maintain a desire to learn. Reading serves as the easiest way someone can gain insights into a path towards success. Segnit feels time invested in learning how to communicate played a role in his ability to move $250,000 in initial crowdfunding startup capital. Who can argue with him? He likely knows best where his skills and inspirations derive. See Related Link for additional information.

Perhaps those wishing to mimic his success might find reading Segnit’s favorites to be worthwhile.


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Seymour Segnit Is Addressing Problems With Charging Electronics With New Invention

The world moves fast and you need your electronic devices to charge quickly with as little complications as possible. Today, one of the main problems that people are facing when it comes to charges is that there are just too many of them and it seems like every device that we have requires something different for it to get the power that it needs. This is something that Seymour Segnit and MAGFAST are addressing.

Everything seems to be going wireless and this also rings true for the chargers that power all of our devices that we use every day. Some of the main things that are being focused on when it comes to chargers are compatibility with multiple devices, magnetic cords, and rapid charging. All of these aspects are important to consumers who just want their devices to work when they want them to.

Seymour Segnit was able to raise money for his MAGFAST invention through the use of crowdfunding. The startup was first founded by Seymour Segnit in 2018 and it has gained a considerable amount of interest on the internet from people who want to try the product to charge their own devices.

Seymour Segnit got the idea for his invention after spending too much time trying to find the chargers for all of his family’s different electronic devices. He just knew that there had to be a better way and he set out to design it.

A few different products are being offered by Seymour Senit and MAGFAST and they all have their own uses during different parts of your life. Whether you need to charge your products at home or on the go, there are options available for you. Go To This Page for related information.

The products are expected to ship near the end of 2019 and the people that helped to fund the startup will be receiving a free gift as well as having a tree planted in their name to help the planet. With the potential positive impact that the MAGFAST system has on our life, you may want to consider checking out their site so you can charge fast and save the planet. View More Information Here.


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