Dick DeVos Presses Forward By Continuing To Do Everything In His Power To Improve Michigan

Dick DeVos has always been the kind of working professional to dedicate himself fully to whatever endeavour he is involved with. A lot of his focus during his career has been on helping to make Michigan a better state. While he has improved many cities in the state, Grand Rapids has always had a special place in his heart. DeVos was born in the city, and he continues to call it his home, today. It was his idea to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a public school that operates on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


The Academy started out with under 100 students in attendance who all had a passion for aviation. Dick DeVos has worked hard to help the school expand, and it now instructs 600 students every year. While it started out in a little office within the grounds of the airport, the school now has its own building. Every year, excited students sign up to take part in a lottery, of sorts, which decides who will be able to attend the following year. The school has become so popular that this is the only way to make it fair for everyone who has a desire to receive their education there.


Close to a few decades ago, Dick DeVos heard about a plan to construct a multi-purpose convention center and arena north of the downtown region in Grand Rapids. Back then, he was on his way to becoming the chief executive officer for Amway but found the time to begin a lobbying effort to strike the idea down. The reason for his concern had to do with a similar event that had taken place in another city many years before. That city was Detroit, and it had moved ahead with plans to construct its own sports arena just before its sports teams decided to leave the city.


In usual Dick DeVos fashion, he not only helped shut down the idea, but was also able to put together a group of business leaders who only wanted the best for Grand Rapids. The group is still doing everything it can today tom help the city, and it is known as Grand Action. If it wasn’t for Grand Action, many of the buildings in Grand Rapids might have never been built. One of these buildings is Van Andel Arena, which has become one of the city’s greatest places for concerts, sports events, and more.


Dick DeVos grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is known for his determination and dedication in the business world. He studied at Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. DeVos is also the man who changed Michigan from a state where people had to join a union to work into a right-to-work state where anyone can secure a job.


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