Fortress Investment Group, A Multinational Conglomerate

The Fortress Investment Group is a multinational investment conglomerate that has investments spanning across multiple fields in the world. The company was started in the year nineteen ninety-eight by three motivated individuals, namely; Wes Edens, Randall Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. The company was started as an assertive hedge fund but has snowballed over the years to become a global investor and financier.

The Fortress Investment Group has experienced rapid growth over the years to become a publicly traded company on the New York Stock exchange platform in the year two thousand and seven. The company deals in many investment business opportunities to sustain itself and allow for its growth. For instance, the company deals with asset-based investing, whereby the company acquires private equity and credit funds as well as real estate properties. The asset-based investment firm aims to create a hub through which long term cash flow can be generated for the company. Additionally, the company deals in operations management, whereby the company has come with efficient tools that are capable of extracting value from complex investments that the Fortress Investment group makes.

The Fortress investment has over the years conducted the business of managing mergers and acquisitions. The company has employees who have deep networks with board members, corporate professionals, and other stakeholders, which helps the company have a sense of big business decisions likely to take place in the business world. Moreover, the deep business connectio9ns help the company to be a key player in obtaining profits from capital markets.

The company has diversified over the years from investments in the business to span across other fields like energy. In the recent past, the company opened up a new branch of its own, New Fortress energy that seeks to provide natural gas and infrastructure solutions to the country of Jamaica. With the growth of the New Fortress energy, other new terminals have been formed in Ireland, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In a recent development, Fortress Investment group after two decades of operation has been acquired by Softbank. The move sees to it that all investment and assets belonging to the Fortress Investment group are redirected to the Softbank.