Gino Pozzo- A Watford Legacy

Gino Pozzo, owner of the Watford Football in England is an iconic figure and also highly regarded in the European sports scene.

Gino Pozzo was born into a family that was very enthusiastic about football and spent most of his years as a child in Udine, Italy.

It was because of his mother who was related to the former president of the Udinese Calcio club for football that Pozzo and has kept a legacy and remained part of the Udinese club throughout his life.

When Gino was 18, he moved to the United States and earned his master’s degree from none other than the University of Harvard.

He then married and located to Spain where he spent 20 years living in Barcelona before he moved to London with his wife and three children. It was after this time when he moved that he became directly involved with his football club.

In the legacy of his football club, Gino Pozzo is the mind behind driving a successful league in a game that is a multi-million-dollar asset globally.

There are millions of dollars behind the game of football and Gino Pozzo seems to have a good handle on what it takes to win.

Gino Pozzo and his business model has been in play since the first season when the club signed on many players many of them who were on international loans to other clubs.

The Pozzo family signed 16 new players when they took over Watford. This strategy seems to provide a support and structure that helped develop and lead a successful team into the framework of the club without upsetting the essential layout that was already provided.

Gino Pozzo is continuing his investments with the Hornets and is also recruiting profitable signings while making mass improvements to the training grounds of the squad. He is also improving the quality of the stadium at Vicarage Road. Gino Pozzo is doing all of this to benefit the Watford’s loyal base of fans and many of them have responded with their full support.