GoBuySide Strategies Help Financial Firms in Job Market

A recruitment platform that uses modern technology too heavily screen potential candidates, GoBuySide have identified many key issues that financial firms face, due to a lack of strategy. One main factor that financial firms lack is the ability to recruit professionals within the internet. Many financial firms still use recruitment offices that cold call professionals, which have led to a decrease in bring which have led to small financial projects uncompleted. GoBuySide, have helped many of these firms by networking online with other financial firms within their area to find top candidates that have a desire to transfer into a better paying firm. Not only do GoBuySide use social networking, but they also update their technology, which helps them adapt to the volatile job market.

Another problem financial firms face is they have failed to evolve in the volatile job market. For instance, even though many jobs have become decentralized, which professionals work from home, many firms still try to permanently hire workers at their firms. This lead to increase recruitment cost, which causes a shortage in revenue due to recruitment debt. GoBuySide has been using social networks such as LinkedIn to heavily screen potential candidates, which provides a concise answer to whether they are capable of being dependable by the firm.

Furthermore, financial firms sometimes have a decrease in revenue due to a lack of workers. This is due to financial firms looking for long-term permanent hires instead of short-term. GoBuySide uses a strategy of short base temporary hiring, to recruit professionals who want to a temporary position, and have fast paced skill sets to finish financial projects in a fast, but none risky towards the profits of the firm. This helps financial firms prevent catastrophic losses due to projects they owe to their clients.

Since being founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, GoBuySide has amassed over four hundred clients in sixteen countries worldwide. They have a talent network of over one hundred thousand professionals.