How Paul Herdsman Created A Positive Culture At NICE Global

Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Boca Raton, Florida. His latest venture is NICE Global which he co-founded in February 2014. This company, for which he is the chief operating officer, offers other companies a way to outsource some of their functions such as customer service. His company operates a call center in Jamaica which offers the advantages of being near the United States and having employees who fluently speak English.

He is a highly skilled executive who has deep knowledge of business areas like customer service, customer retention, marketing, sales, and human resources. One of the things that Paul Herdsman is known for is supporting his staff so that they are happy and able to do their jobs. He provides them with the resources they need and knows that team morale is critical to supporting the clients his company has.

At NICE Global, people who are good at their jobs and willing to learn have extensive opportunities to move up the ladder. Paul Herdsman makes it a point to promote great employees into positions of higher responsibility, and of course pay. Some people started at NICE Global who started out in the lowest positions are now managers of entire departments, for instance.

Something that Paul Herdsman has found important throughout his career is doing a self-assessment from time to time. He looks at what he’s good at and what other skills he needs to work on. He says that he has a questioning nature and uses it to identify how his time is best spent. What he is most fond of is creating an environment in which excellent customer service takes place. He also likes to streamline daily processes so that employees can concentrate on their work and not pointless activities.

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