James River Capital and the Pursuit of Money

James River CapitalJames River Capital understands that there are many people who want to pursue wealth. There are those that do so and succeed in an extraordinary fashion while there are those that do so and don’t find the success that they want. Many people are inclined to talk about passive income and wealth generation through building a business, and they can do so if they take action and stop dreaming.

The founders of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, and other people in the firm realize that it is about understanding the bigger picture, minimizing risk, and doing what it takes to get the right returns.

This concept of obtaining the right returns isn’t always easy. It takes grit, persistence, and hard work, and many fund managers have witnessed this in their careers.

No one thinks about the value of the work that compounds over time, they look at the results and think about how lucky one person or another got. This concept is rarely the case, overnight successes don’t happen, and more work takes place behind the scenes.

The truth is that to make passive income, individuals should focus on active income. Their active income should be substantial and should be something that will return substantial gains over time.

What types of active income is there in the marketplace that would return the right results?

Each person has different skill sets and key-value that they can add to a firm; they must discover it and then progress from there to making it happen. The idea is to solve problems each day and make an impact by working specifically and accurately each day. This concept of outworking others in a specific system will provide high dividends overall.

Don’t worry about hard work as an entrepreneur. Make sure to invest in the right activities that will bring in revenue and continue from there. Many don’t focus on the events that will bring in revenue. Instead, they focus on activities that may seem like busywork. When bootstrapping, a viable method of funding a business, according to Paul Saunders, one must be laser-focused on the key activities that matter.