John Chachas Supports Gumps


Gump’s is a department store in San Francisco. At this time it is closed but it is scheduled to be reopened in the fall of this year. It was started in the 1800’s by two brothers named Solomon and Gustave Gump. Gump’s originally started out as a mirror & frame shop, but the frames were filled with art after the California Gold Rush.

After a huge earthquake in 1906 the store that was originally there burned down so the Gump family moved it to Union Square where it stayed open until 2018. The retailer was known for selling furniture, home decor, jewelry, and much more. Gump’s is also known for President Franklin D Roosevelt buying ship models in the store.

A man named John Chachas who has who worked as a banker had a huge interest in the Gump store. As a young boy he could remember his parents shopping at Gump’s for Christmas. What drew his attention to the store so much with an eight foot tall Buddha statue that stood right in the center of the store. Now, years later at the age of 50 when he heard that Gump’s was being sold he put a huge investment on it. He wanted to make sure that the Buddha would stay put in the middle of the store. Go To This Page for additional information.

It did not take long before the Gump store filed bankruptcy and had a huge liquidation sale. Chachas went and got his Buddha and decided to replace it with a 3D replica. It was around Christmas time when he took the 3D replica to place it inside the store but they were already closed, so he decided to offer it up for sale in Hong Kong. He ended up selling the Buddha for four million dollars.

Gumps became a pretty big deal because they were a store that was around for so long. They had a huge impact on the life of John Chachas. John Chachas has invested a lot into the store and upon them closing he gained a lot from the Buddha. John Chachas is going to be there to support the new Gump store that is going to be opening in the next few months. He hopes that they will become very successful.

They have stated plans to open both digital and physical stores in time for the 2019 Christmas season. The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The location for the new Gumps brick-and-mortar store has not yet been released.


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Neurocore Helps Patients With Focus And Attention Issues


Jackson Pojeski was an eight-year-old kid who was overwhelmed. He often had meltdowns, couldn’t focus, and had to take melatonin to get to sleep. His mom, Tiffany Pojeski, says that even simple things like putting his clothes in the laundry basket could set him off. He wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD but he showed many of the signs.

Getting him treated at Neurocore was what dramatically helped him. Tiffany said that after 40 sessions her son had done a 180. He’s now happy and doesn’t get frustrated over every little thing.

Clinical Specialist Rochelle Fintelman at Neurocore helps people who have problems focusing and paying attention. It uses a brain training program that combines neurofeedback (which tracks brain activity) with biofeedback (patients breathe deeply during their sessions). She has treated people of all ages.

The therapy rooms at Neurocore locations are quiet. All of the patients are sitting in chairs with headphones on and watching a movie. Whenever their brain becomes unbalanced, the movie pauses. Once they refocus, the movie resumes. 40 sessions is the ideal amount to train a brain for the long term. Go To This Page to read great reviews at Yelp.

Fintelman said brain training uses rewards to get their patient’s brain in the correct balance. The movie pausing is an instant correction and the brain quickly figures out it is not in the right place. The brain learns to see these pauses and auto-corrects to a balanced state.

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer. He was a neuropsychologist at a Michigan children’s hospital. Neurocore is now based in Boca Raton, Florida, and Livonia, Michigan.

“Neurofeedback” is a new treatment that is offered by Neurocore. Neurofeedback is not here to take the place of the traditional treatments but it is here to provide a third option. The focus of the treatment of neurofeedback is to harness the brain’s ability to learn.

Neurocore can help patients with many conditions beyond ADHD. It helps with depression, anxiety, ASD, migraines, sleep issues, and memory problems. Their treatment is a replacement for conventional therapy, which often includes medications. Neurocore statistics show that the majority of their patients have reduced or even stopped taking meds after completing their brain training course of treatments.


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Unroll Me Supplies Solutions to Clogged Email Inbox Problems

Utilizing the power of the Rollup to clean user inboxes Unroll Me continues to fight the good fight for email organization. The company came to be in 2011. It was a start-up founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. Unroll Me condenses hundreds of subscription email into one convenient folder. It is one of many products that serves as a disruption for email marketing. However, Unroll Me does not rid inboxes of troublesome subscriptions, it allows consumers to choose what they want.

The Problem

Email marketing began its tenure in the late 2000s. Companies realized they could keep tabs on consumers by sending them periodic emails touching base. The emails contain everything from promotions, advertisements, and coupons to general notifications. Although there is nothing wrong with online advertising, too many subscriptions began to clog up user inboxes. As consumers do not realize how many subscriptions they are signing up for the daily influx of subscription emails can get unmanageable. This is what happened to Rosenwald. The problem eventually prevented him from email correspondence with Hedaya as he could not find his partner’s emails. This is when the duo hit upon the idea for their company. Software that could manage a user inbox for them and get rid of subscription clutter.

The Solution

Unroll Me is not the only organization software on the market. It is one of the most popular choices because it is easy to use and free. The software works by gathering all emails flagged as subscription-based into a folder called the Rollup. The Rollup holds the clutter and leaves important messages behind. This allows use inboxes to be easier to navigate and keep track of actual pertinent emails. The factor that really sets Unroll Me apart is exactly what its name describes. User can use the software to unroll from subscriptions so the emails are no longer sent to them. Hedaya and Rosenwald decided to make the software easy to navigate as they observed many other companies falter over complexity. Users simply have to click a box to mass unsubscribe from hundreds of subscriptions. They can also take out subscriptions they would like to keep so only what they want to see pops up in their account.

American Addiction Centers: Their Success Is Gaining Attention

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is getting the right kind of attention when it comes to their work with those suffering from addiction of any kind. They know all about addiction, and they can treat whatever addiction is thrown in front of them. It is never too daunting or scary for them.

They are ready, willing, and able to help the person struggling overcome it once and for all. They might have tried out other places, but they haven’t fully received the help they needed until they went to the AAC. This place is in a league all by itself. It starts with the caring staff, which is not afraid to work long hours and do whatever is necessary to help out someone in need.

They know addiction is taking over the world right now, and they know it comes in many forms for many people. Because of its damaging impact on people’s lives, they realize they need to step up to the plate. It is also a matter of having great bedside manner.

They treat each person with respect, dignity, and kindness. To them, the person suffering from addiction is not just another number or another addict. They know this person has a story that is all their own. They are not afraid to talk to them, get to know them, and find out what they are looking to get out of their treatment plan at the AAC.

The AAC is taking a big fist to the face of AUD (alcohol use disorder). They have seen how it has taken over people’s lives and ruined them. People have lost their jobs because of it. They have become so reliant on drinking and needing to drink; they can’t do their day-to-day activities. They can’t separate their real life from drinking.

When that happens, the AAC knows it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. They are always proud of anyone that takes that first step and admits they have a problem. Some would argue it is the most important step out of all of them. Without that step, it makes it quite difficult to get any help at all. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper

They are a publicity-traded organization, and they have achieved a recovery success rate that is double the national average, according to statistics. They are putting in the extra work, and they are not taking any days off.

They know this is a dire situation, and it requires special care and attention. In addition to that, they have also talked about challenging the drinking culture, which many think has gotten completely out of hand lately. They are fighters, and they march to the beat of their own drum.

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Felipe Montoro Jens and the Modernization of Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is passionate about his home country, Brazil. He has spent the better part of two decades involved in the construction and management of the infrastructure in Brazil’s biggest metropolitan areas. The National Confederation of Industry recently published a study that concluded that infrastructure is an essential factor for the modernization of his country. As the leading expert on the subject, he can not agree more.

Felipe Montoro Jens when the modernization of his beloved country was abruptly halted in the 1980’s due to a major debt crisis. In 1981, the GDP declined declined by about 4.4 percent. The country’s access to the global financial markets ended by the Mexican debt crisis in 1982. Brazil’s finances were in turmoil at this time. The country’s domestic debt ballooned and became a major problem by the mid 1980’s. Because the debt was so large, new infrastructure in the fast growing urban regions stopped. Repairs on the existing infrastructure slowed down to a crawl. Brazil’s once great cities deteriorated. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, rather than see Brazil fall further and further behind financially, became passionately involved in the renewal of Brazil’s urban centers. He recognized early on that if Brazil’s cities were to modernize and upgrade their infrastructure, they city governments would need to join forces with the private sector. As an important part of this new type of partnership, city governments would need to change some of their political policies in order for the private sector to be willing to contribute a massive amount of funding for the development and completion of public works projects across the country. Some of these projects included new freeways and roads, new sewage systems, new communities with modern housing and parks, upgraded public transportation and upgraded railway systems. Felipe Montego Jens sat relentlessly on the advisory committees overseeing these public-private projects and shared the financial expertise he has accumulated over his career along with his concerns. His intentions were to ensure that the residents of Brazil are taken care of and that their lives and their wellbeing improve.


ViSalus Continues To Help Its Customer In Their Goal To Achieve

ViSalus is one of the world’s most unique lifestyle, health and fitness companies. The firm is headquartered out of Los Angeles, California and the country of Italy and it is the creation of three co-founders, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen. Mr. Sarnicola is the firm’s current Chief Executive Officer. These three business partners founded ViSalus in 2005.


ViSalus is known for its line of high-quality health and lifestyle products that are geared toward lifestyle and weight loss. These include products such as energy drinks and shakes for meal replacement.


The “Vi 90 Day Challenge” is another factor that has helped to make ViSalus a global name in the health and lifestyle sector. ViSalus has also garnered significant praise for is generous commitments to philanthropic causes around the world through its Vi Cares initiative.


2005 was the year when ViSalus launched the first of its famous body challenges. The Vi 90 Day Challenge has become a legendary phenomenon in fitness circles and has helped propel the company by boosting its profile. The team at ViSalus is committed to helping people attain their highest levels of personal health and fitness. The goal is to empower an individual to become the best that they can become.


This attitude and driving principle have helped to propel ViSalus into a true success story within its industry. Today, ViSalus has a 15 country footprint around the world and has been instrumental in helping more than three million individuals in their weight loss goals. This success has led to ViSalus receiving many awards over its decade-plus history of operation.


The Vi Cares initiative serves as ViSalus’ philanthropic work arm. Charitable giving is a big part of the company culture at ViSalus and the firm has garnered much praise for its commitment to giving back. The leadership team at ViSalus is committed to using the fruits of their success to help others through giving. The philanthropy is accomplished through many different events and programs that are supported by the firm. ViSalus also donates to many worthy causes in the spirit of giving back to the world. Click Here to learn more.


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Jeremy Goldstein: An Attorney With A More Personal Approach

When it comes to issues of executive compensation, corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is considered among the best by Chambers USA and The Legal 500. He and his boutique law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, have a lot of experience in that field of expertise and have helped some of the largest companies in the United States deal with important questions related to how they do business. One of the reasons why Jeremy Goldstein has seen such great results in corporate law is due to the relationships that he has built with his clients and the people on his team. He makes the effort to truly get to know them on a social level as well as a personal level in order to further open up communication between them.


After graduating from Cornell University with a Juris Doctorate, Jeremy Goldstein began working with a large law firm that is based in New York City. While working for this firm, he found himself doing a great deal in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, and other issues related to corporate governance. He knew that consultants from other professions were branching off to deal with just these types of clients and realized that there was likely a market when it came to legal specialists as well. This is how his firm was born and they were quickly able to find profitability within half a decade of the firm’s founding.


Jeremy Goldstein has always been under the belief that he can serve the needs of his clients better if he is able to get to know them. This personal touch is something that his team and their clients enjoy and they value the relationships that they have built over the years. A lot of the legal work that his firm does is based on relationships in different contexts so being able to develop close ones with clients seems like a natural thing. While other firms take a colder, more impersonal approach, he still manages to maintain a sense of professionalism while getting to know his clients on a more personal basis.


One of the areas outside of business that Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about is philanthropy. Among the many causes that he has supported over the years, one of the ones that he cares deeply about is known as the Fountain House. This organization helps men and women who are living with mental illness live better lives through different initiatives. Jeremy Goldstein finds the charity to be inspirational with the way that it cares for the people that a lot of society doesn’t understand. They focus on including them in their communities and protecting their rights as individuals.


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Help with Energy Efficiency Thanks to Agera Energy

There are so many reasons to consider switching to the provider known as Agera Energy. This particular service provider has been in the business of professional electric service for years. Read more about Agera Energy at

In fact, Agera Energy offers lots of programs available to help business and home owners save the money that they need on either electric or the fuel they are using to power their properties. No matter what type of energy you use each day, Agera Energy is making it easier than ever before to afford what you’ll need for the home, family or for your customers.


The great thing about the Agera Energy company and one thing that sets them apart is that they are paving the way to a brighter and more fuel efficient future. This simply means that you will be able to feel confident in saving funds that will help you to keep the home running to the best of its ability. Agera Energy has become a trusted name for many all over the nation, and it is why you may want to consider this for your own personal needs. You can feel confident in what Agera Energy is doing and why it’s a great choice for so many. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Talkspace – Therapy Made Easy for People with Mental Problems

Depression is much more common than one can imagine. The problem is that not everyone gets help for it. Depression can completely change a person, and one will stop enjoying the things that they earlier used to. It will also affect its personal and professional relationships with others. If you have been long-suffering, and you think that you might be depressed, you should have it medically diagnosed. If you are depressed or are unable to understand the odd feeling that you might be getting, it is time to seek therapy. Therapy goes a long way in ensuring that one is able to live a healthy life. Those who do not want to go to a therapist but still want to get help should look at online therapy app Talkspace.

Talkspace is one of the top online therapy apps that has made therapy affordable and reachable to people. It has long been seen that therapy is mostly used by wealthy people as they have the money for it. Therapy does not come cheap, and not everyone has that amount of money. But, therapy is useful for mental health problems, including depression. It allows people to understand their feelings and know what to do about it. Thus, Talkspace wanted to bring therapy to the people’s smartphone and talk to a therapist when they want to. Talkspace also has a variety of different plans for their clients to choose from.

Talkspace is a revolutionary app that has brings about a major change in the therapy industry. People are becoming more open to getting therapy and are not limited by cost. The best thing about them is that the therapists are licensed and spread all across the country. But, it does not matter since the clients can text or video call them when they need to.


Mark Holyoake’s Carbon Method Crossfit Redefined Athletics and Gymnastics


Mark Holyoake was the 2005 gymnastic of the World Artistic Gymnastic tournaments. Mark was exceptional in various ways, but his level of competence was excellent. Mark Holyoake is among the few competitors who make the 2005 tournament memorable to date. Even though Mark was not in the list of the top ten athletics, the games prepared him for 2006 Commonwealth Championship. During the 2006 tournament, he portrayed not only an impressive personal development but also the incredible impact of one year time to a professional sportsperson.

Three years down the line, he was featured in the Guinness World Record Book for breaking the record of the highly competitive Pommel Horse. He became the first sportsman to make more than 50 rotations in just a minute. According to Mark, this was the highest level of success that Mark has ever made in the sports arena as pro-sportsman. Besides this achievement, he affirmed that Pommel Horse marked a lucrative lesson for him. It was an indication that with dedication and hard work, everything is possible in the world of sports.

Mark Holyoake is aware of how important it is to push self-limits. He believes that both personal and universal records represent the limits. Luckily, it’s possible to break the already set records with the best approach towards pushing self-limits. He affirmed that the main reason for combating the status quo is not necessary to win the medals but to ensure that there is consistency. The approach marks the main reason why Mark is identified with success.

Mark Holyoake then decided to take a different turn after acquiring tremendous success in sports. He chose to be a trainer due to his vast skills and experience. Mark believes that despite the many smart and impressive trainers, most of them have never participated in competitive games. Mark Holyoake is among the first members to combine his extensive experience with the newly acquired skills and knowledge in sports. Mark not only extend his expertise to his clients, but he also acknowledges that clients have different capabilities. As a result, it’s very critical to customize training.

Mark Holyoake is the man behind the establishment of Carbon Method CrossFit. The center offers him an opportunity to major in training as the other experts major with the administration.


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