Dreaming about Art and Design at the Academy of Art University

Dreaming about Art and Design as a career? Interested in an atmosphere of learning that fuels that creative desire the heart seeks and longs for? The Academy of Art University is just the place with a desire to fully support its students, provide an atmosphere for educational growth, and seeks to mature students from one level of life to the next.


As one might expect, Academy of Art University is a reputable institution that houses one of the largest property owners in San Francisco. On their website, www.academyart.edu, one finds the institution’s core beliefs committing to no-barrier admissions, a community of support, ethics in art, the opportunity to learn from professionals, and giving back to the community through generosity and compassion.

In addition, life is quite satisfying not only in class, but also outside of class, bringing enjoyment to the experience of learning in a creative atmosphere. There are many clubs and organizations from the African American Club too Zumba. Their health and wellness program allows for recreational and health classes available, along with a competitive Division II athletics program. There are also 17 different residence halls from traditional dorm rooms to cool loft-style living. Each residence has top-notched security features which include key or pass card entry, resident directors and assistants on site, and roving security patrols. Undergraduate students reside in 4 residence halls, designed to support in transition from home to student life. Continuing students are afforded the opportunity to live on their own, manage their community independently, focus on green living, and cook their own meals. There are also many apartment style choices for graduate and undergraduate students over 21.

All in all, Academy of Art University is the prime choice in pursuing the dream of art and design studies, due to the school’s commitment to their students, ethics in education, and commitment to society and community. The University now houses up to 18,000 students, establish for over a century, and firmly holds the belief that each student has a name, not just a number. There are also opportunities for internships and work study, including a program called Industry on Campus. In this program, special recruiters and invited guests visit the university as part of the university’s commitment to help launch careers. A few of such partners include: Mattel, Lucas Arts, Disney, Nike, Nickelodeon, and Pixar; and is open to all university students. More information is also available on their Linked In page at www.linkedin.com/edu/academy-of-art-university-19943 and the youtube video about campus life at https://binged.it/2JXSZ1a. This top-notched institution has stood the test of time and continues to provide quality education and allows many students to pursue their dreams in creative excellence.

Dick DeVos Once Made A Difficult Decision That Saved Grand Rapids, Michigan A Lot Of Money

Dick DeVos continues to serve the people of the United States by doing everything in his power to make life better for them. While he could easily settle down and enjoy the billions of dollars he has worked hard for, he stays busy with his work. DeVos is a businessman, politician, philanthropist, and aviation enthusiast who loves to put a smile on people’s faces. When he created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, he definitely made a lot of younger students very happy.


The school is located in a building within the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The building is much larger than the original small office it was located in, and Dick DeVos has put in a lot of time to ensure the school’s success. As a pilot, himself, he understands the need for a school that helps to fan the flames of students’ passions who hope to serve in the aviation industry some day. Some of the students who attend the school are willing to take multiple buses just to be able to take part in what is offered there. The school was founded in 2010 and started out with less than one hundred students. There are now 600 students who attend the school.


In the past, Dick DeVos has been forced to make some very tough decisions that would benefit the city of Grand Rapids. He was born in the city, and he continues to call it his hometown to this day. In 1991, he saw the writing on the wall when there was a plan being considered by the public to construct a multi-use convention center and arena in the city. The plan was to build it near the city’s downtown region, and he immediately knew this would be a grave mistake.


Dick DeVos had been around when Detroit had made a similar error in judgment, and he made the decision to fight back against the construction of the arena and convention center in his hometown. He knew what many others didn’t, and this was that Detroit had built the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills right before the city’s sports teams the Lions and Pistons left. This took place in the 1970s, and he learned a lot from the mistakes that the city made back then. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, he put together a lobbying effort that shut down the plans in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos is a man who serves the causes he believes in. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been a positive influence on the city for all of his life. In the past, he served as the CEO for Amway, and he also helped to pass the law that made Michigan a right to work state.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Southeast Ohio

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a Southeast Ohio personal injury law firm. The experienced award-winning firm has helped clients recover thousands upon thousands of dollars in compensation after enduring personal injuries from accidents like car wrecks and on-the-job injuries. If you’re injured and need justice, this is the firm to call. They fight diligently for their clients’ rights and ensure the highest possible award amount.

It’s easy to work with the lawyers at Kisling Nestico & Redick because they have big hearts and a genuine interest in helping the Southeast Ohio community. The law firm has several programs that give back to the local community, including the Big Boys, Big Girls Shopping Spree, Lunch for Schools program, and the Don’t Text and Drive Initiative program.

Each program founded by the Kisling Nestico & Redick firm is designed to help the ‘littles’ of Southeast Ohio -the children -and offer various types of support and financial aid. Recently, the shopping spree program took 12 children to a local department store where they all chose new clothes and shoes. Kisling Nestico & Redick spent more than $3,000 to make the lives of these children just a little bit happier because it’s those amazing smiles that make these lawyers feel warm and cozy inside.

Many law firms exist in Southeast Ohio, but only Kisling Nestico & Redick has the heart of gold that makes a difference in your case. The programs above are just a few of the many the lawyers enjoy participating in. They work just as diligently to help their injured clients. If you’ve been injured, call a lawyer to set up a free consultation and get what u deserve after another person’s negligence causes you to suffer. It is the least that you deserve after this difficult time.

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Serge Belamant Takes Over the Creation of Blockchain Technology

His name is Serge Belamant, and he is responsible for founding blockchain technologies. He is also an experienced software developer and was instrumental in the creation of various blockchain technologies. Mr. Serge Belamant assisted in creating cryptocurrencies. His innovation has undoubtedly made it simpler for banks to process transactions such as investments and withdrawals efficiently. Serge hails from Tulle, France. He grew up in SA. In his teenage years, he learned how to communicate in English. That way, he was in a position to join a high school where he took up several physical activities before joining the rugby and chess clubs. Belamant was a perfectionist. He also took up various roles in the school’s sports fraternity where he became the head prefect of the club. Over the years, he would receive the Victor Ludorum award as a house captain in charge of general operations. He also attended the bridge club and represented his class in Congress. Serge Belamant would then help his team to win the championship in 1972.

When he graduated from high school, Serge joined the Witwatersrand University for engineering. He changed his mind and attended UNISA for computer systems. He also pursued information systems. Over the years, he discontinued his studies before taking up 3rd-year courses through UNISA. However, he didn’t find it necessary to complete his course. He proceeded to the work sector where he worked for Matrix, in the division of IBM computers. The skilled computer analyst would use software analysis tools to measure water levels found in dams. He also used the systems to predict future droughts.

Serge Belamant also worked with high-profile companies as a key contributor in establishing technological advancements that transformed how people use financial banking systems. His ability to create digital financial transacting software has highly been upheld. In 1989, he established Net 1 Technologies. The company enhances electronic payment systems by offering a chance for people to transfer grants to individuals in need across the world. Today, the firm is a leading software provider for emerging and established companies. He recently founded Zilch Technologies. He is also an advisor at Prism Group.

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The Partnerships of Matt Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western, LLC serves as acquisition and developer of oil and gas reserves in the gulf coast area. Its primary concern are areas with both geological and geophysical advantages. GCW is led by its president and CEO, Matt Fleeger. It was actually founded by his father in 1970. Today it remains based in Dallas but maintains offices in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It has also made some strategic partnerships over the years which have helped it enormously. Its partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has given in access to hundreds of miles in Southern Louisiana.

In particular, this partnership has access to many lands near Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes. This prime area is so promising than it is predicted to produce over 800 barrels a day. The partnership also gave Gulf Coast access to much highly prized 3D seismic data.

Another more recent but huge partnership is with Northcote Energy Ltd. With this partnership Gulf Coast obtained 50% interest in Northcote’s many projects throughout Louisiana. This included the Lutcher Moore #20 well which produced a massive 100 barrels a day. The partnership also included an interest in four wells in the Frio and Cockfield formations.

Up to the present Gulf Coast, Western has limited itself to the Gulf Coast region, however it is even now investigating other areas of the country. And it has already formed a number of incredibly promising partnerships with companies in various regions of the country. Fleeger continues the proud tradition of leading Gulf Coast under the founding values of integrity and ethics. His leadership is so respected that he ha been listed in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Before joining his father’s company, Fleeger founded MedSolutions, Inc., which he also served as CEO and President for 13 years.

Meet Gustavo Martinez: The Advertising and Marketing Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is a marketing and advertising consultant. He has spent more than thirty-five years in this industry. He is recognized for helping big organizations in the marketing business and creating iconic adverts, which eventually became pop-culture touchstones.

Gustavo served as the chief executive officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the leading marketing companies in the world. This marketing expert also served as the president of two firms: McCann Worldgroup and Olgilvy & Mather. These two companies have a reputation in the marketing industry. Prior to that, he was an employee at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

During an interview, this experienced manager said that he had a vision for this everchanging industry. For Gustavo Martinez, a typical day starts at seven o’clock. He takes breakfast with his family, reads his emails, and skims the daily business news. He then goes to the office from 9 a.m. up to 9 p.m. According to him, he is in a new phase of his life; the entrepreneurial phase.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Martinez said that creativity is the base of everything in marketing. Years of experience have taught him that the background, diversity of thought, and skills of this team members provide a wide scope of ideas and better solutions to problems. As a team leader, Gustavo ensures that his employees are not just motivated but also genuinely inspired. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench andGustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

To do this, he chooses the right people for certain projects that they are really interested in. Doing what you love is one way to motivate yourself. Recognition is a big human motivator. Gustavo wants to create an environment where his people feel appreciated and recognized.

When asked one trend that excites him, Gustavo said that it is the Internet of Things. The emergence of IoT has helped the marketing and advertising sector to carry out various activities effectively. Read more:

Customers can order and receive goods through the internet in only fifteen minutes. He believes that the Internet of Things will shape the marketing world in the right direction.

To be productive as an entrepreneur, Gustavo has learned that three virtues are essential: active listening, being generous, and always making customers feel important. No matter how small a person is, they always have something to say. Paying attention to them and knowing their worth is important.

One true thing that no one else agrees with Gustavo Martinez is that charity is important. People should give with genuine kindness and not to be perceived as good. When charity and self-advertising conflate, they can yield strange results.

Charity starts at home. If you donate any amount of money to a school, you do not necessarily have to put your name on the library. He advises young entrepreneurs to be generous and more patient. Things eventually fall into place.

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Grace Farms Foundation Spreading the Message of Carrie Mae Weems

Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farms Foundation in 2009 and continues to inspire hope in those she serves to this day. It is a private foundation with an emphasis on music, art, communion with nature, and deep and loving faith. Her accomplishments have proven to be a place of solitude and peace for anyone who is seeking a message of hope and inspiration. Sharon Prince Grace Farms finds the issues of violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation on a national compass.

She is currently also on the Board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a charity which seeks to reunite children with their long-waiting parents. Sharon Prince holds an education at a Masters level from the University of Tulsa and puts it to good use by spreading hope and love through her foundation and in conglomeration with other organizations.

Recently, she invited Carrie Mae Weems, an activist and advocate for peace through music, arts, and many other creative outlets to raise awareness for the horrific violence in the world. She contends with a passion that there is hope for our future, and it is within our power to act accordingly to make concrete steps towards change. She seeks to strike those she speaks to at their core regarding violence in the world and dives deep into the topic to make sure people understand the severity of such issues.

Carrie Mae Weems puts an emphasis on the hope for change and continuous development towards peaceful goals and resolutions. Grace Farms has brought home yet another visionary who has shared he perceptive knowledge on the implications of violence, their effects on society and the possible solutions for our children’s future. Her work and performance were outstanding, giving us a breath of new life and the ability to perceive the issues with understanding.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Free Advice to the Young Investors

Igor Cornelsen has dedicated his precious time to offer free advice to the Young First Time Investors. Investing, when done in the correct way, can bring about good yields. It is obvious that when most of the people make investments, they are impressed when they witness the growth of their capital. After some period of time, good results can clearly be achieved. What they earn from the investment gives them the ability to cater for some basic necessities in life, such as educating their kids and paying for a house. The only difficult part of putting up investments is mastery. Mastery is termed to be so much difficult for some first-time investors. This clearly explains the reason as to why most of the investors require the assistance of the professionals in this particular field.

Igor Cornelsen advises that it is very advantageous to work with an adviser. This is because the various financial advisers enable the investors to have a life long financial comprehension. An adviser and a well-experienced investor such as Igor Cornelsen has so many years of expertise in the investment industry. He has been providing guidance to very many people, and the fruits of his good work are evident.

Igor Cornelsen also emphasizes on having a good understanding of what the markets are doing. This is imperative because, at times, the markets can create turmoil. It is therefore very easy for the investors to make mistakes due to this confusion. The other point of advice to the young investors is to risk money. Igor Cornelsen states that for one to become a good investor, they have to be good risk takers. The investors are advised to begin making investments early in life and also always put some of the savings aside in case things go haywire.

Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Industries Shares His Vision for Sustainable Food Production

For many years now, OSI Industries has witnessed high growth rates under the astounding leadership of Sheldon Levin. The most current headlines detailing a commitment to ensuring that their production processes comply with sustainable food production laws. The company has made a reputation for tackling challenges head-on. OSI Industries has made great strides in implementing modern and high-efficiency machines into their production processes. With its roots in Germany, the company has come a long way growing to become one of the fastest growing companies in the food processing industry. Meat consumption in the USA has more than tripled in the last few decades. This growth in meat production has forced OSI Industries to tighten its belt and put in more effort to service the millions of clients that enjoy their delicious burgers.

Sheldon Levin took over the reins in running the company in the late 1970s. He has been managing the company’s strategic growth with impeccable precision. The company has become a force to reckon with in the industry thanks to his discipline and commitment. It is not every day that a company starts as a small shop to become the world leading meat producer. To the contrary, most companies do not make it through the first few years of operations. Sheldon Levin has been part of the company’s growth from the very beginning. He played a key role in financing the company’s aggressive expansion plans in 1970. He was offered an ownership stake in the company, which he turned down and settled for the role of consultant.

As the years passed, Sheldon Levin was absorbed into OSI. His role in the company became highly appreciated when the company partnered with McDonald’s increasing sales twice fold. The company has become a key part of the communities’ living standards. With over 20,000 employees across the world, the company plays a key role in the lives of many families. OSI Industries was ranked among the top sixty companies in the world, with a net worth of 6.1 billion dollars. Technological breakthroughs being made every other day are a clear indication that OSI Industries is on a path to greater achievements.

Richard Liu- Creating the largest e-commerce business

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of JD.com, the largest direct retailer in China. It is under his management that this company has moved from the bottom to the top. Liu is part of the elite tech entrepreneurs in China who have for the past two decades made this country a hub of e-commerce, mobile technology, and internet businesses.

The success that he has brought in the Chinese market can be felt by many other business organizations which are now enjoying the business solutions offered by JD.com. With over 300 million customers visiting the website, it is clear that this is by far the best retail business. You can find literally anything you want from a company.

Richard Liu identified that there was a huge pool of business opportunities in the e-commerce industry and it was untapped since many businesses that were doing e-commerce before JD.com came in were doing a shoddy work that ended up giving the e-commerce business in China a bad name.

Richard Liu decided that he would make a difference that would last for a long time. He decided to give the sector a new way of doing business. JD.com was involved only with genuine products that came with the right price. With this change, Richard Liu had captured the needs of the customers and JD.com would attain unprecedented growth over the next few years.

Richard Liu also believes that every business has a role to play in making the world a better place. JD.com has not been left behind in trying to give back to the people who have supported them a lot. Today, JD.com has numerous ongoing initiatives that are supposed to help the less fortunate in society. The JD Logistics department has embraced the idea of philanthropy by making it possible for people to give their donations to the poor. They also have many other initiatives such as the chicken program started in 2016 in Wuyi Province to reduce poverty in the region. Richard Liu is now ready to be counted among the businesses that have touched the lives of thousands of people positively.

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