What Has Guilherme Paulus Done For The Brazilian Tourism Industry?

Guilherme Paulus basically created the tourism industry in Brazil, and he built it up into something that most people could not have imagined. He was giving tours through Brazil for a long time before anyone really believed it was more than a country with beaches and pina coladas. Look at what Guilherme has done to make Brazil more interesting. See Related article at panrotas.com to learn more.

  1. The Tour Company

Guilherme Paulus started his own touring company in Brazil because he wanted to show off the natural beauty of his country. He believed that his country had more to offer than the beaches, and he started giving tours into the interior. He wanted people to see the forests and the villages that are all over one of the world’s largest countries.

  1. Improviing His Brand

Guilherme Pualus has improved his brand by buying hotels. He knows that buying hotels is something that improves the tour experience. He can put people in his hotels whether they have come out for a tour or not, and he also knows that his hotels can turn a large profit.

  1. An Influx Of People

Brazil has seen an influx of people due to major events, and Guilherme Paulus believes that these people should be shown more of the country than the beaches or venues. He also believes that the people who come to Brazil should go home with memories that will last a lifetime. His tours have gotten much more complex over the years because he believes that people who come to Brazil should love it enough to want to come back.

  1. His Leadership

Guilherme Paulus has been a great leader for his company and his country. He has built his company over many years to be the best that it can be, and the people who take tours with his company have testified to that fact.

  1. Conclusion

Guilherme is one of the best business in Brazil, and he is also one of their best ambassadors. He has done a lot to make his country look great, and he believes that his tours alone open the eyes of the people.

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How Talkspace is Ramping up its Mental Health Services through Strategic Partnerships

How Talkspace is Ramping up its Mental Health Services through Strategic Partnerships

Dealing with mental diseases has remained a green topic, but professionals admit that the treatment modes of mental illnesses have changed. Most people suffering from these kinds of illness are unwilling to open up on their stories or get therapies. Thus, approaching the issue would require dynamic strategies. One example is the partnership between Talkspace and Michael Phelps to promote mental health therapy through a national television campaign.

The strategic approach of swimming champion Phelps and Talkspace will involve roles from both sides. Phelps shares his story of struggling with anxiety and depression, and how Talkspace has enabled him to connect with a licensed therapist. He reveals that his first step to treatment was speaking out, which gave him strength. Then, Phelps discovered he could talk with a therapist through text or website (without necessarily having to visit the expert physically). Consequently, he utilized Talkspace to get his therapy, and he encourages anyone undergoing the same challenges to follow these steps swiftly.

Indeed, Talkspace is dedicated to reaching a broader user base through partnerships with established figures. Barely a month after partnering with Phelps, the startup firm announced a deal with New Directions Behavioral Health. This deal, formalized on June 26, would see specific clients of New Directions access Talkspace platform. This is the starting point for New Directions as the two companies will set plans to ensure more behavioral health customers use the Talkspace platform.

The CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank, conveyed his excitement towards the partnership with the behavioral health company. He stated that his firm is proud to add a digital complement to New Directions’ health model. New Directions focuses on balanced and healthy lives for people, and Talkspace is excited to make these customers access therapies through apps or website.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a web and mobile app-based platform that helps people connect with therapists. These therapists have state and federal licenses and are experts in their fields. The 2012-founded company has redefined how treatments for mental health are done. One doesn’t have to visit a therapy center physically, which some people fear. Now, it is possible to chat with a therapist through a confidential platform of Talkspace.

Felipe Montoro Jens report on IDB’s stance of leveraging private investments

On the 24th of March 2018, the Inter-American Development Bank had a special meeting with its governors and expert Felipe Montoro Jens was there to report and came up with the following.

The IDB, just like the rest of the world, is changing to be better suited to meet its objectives across Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB, first and foremost is a development bank that seeks to attain development in the areas mentioned in a sustainable way through providing loans, grants  Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, Dyogo Oliveira, that the bank itself was not capable of meeting all the needs of these countries and that private investment was paramount. For more updates, follow Felipe on twitter.

IDB’s president, Luis Alberto Moreno shared the same view as according to him, the investment from outside were minimal to what is required to be able to meet the challenges ahead of the bank. The major challenges were the connectivity through the Latin American countries and it was believed that private investments would really help in meeting these challenges.

The potential for growth is definitely there as Felipe Montoro Jens reports, given that Spain through its secretary of state for Economy and Business, Mr. Garrido, has prioritized Brazil as an integral country for Spanish investment.

Mr. Oliveira proposed that the IDB promote studies that incorporate the leveraging of private investments and also seek out efficient solutions for tackling risk management across the region. He also pointed out how his country Brazil has profited from Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs as they are known and insisted that the strategy itself was in line with what IDB stands for and what other countries in the region, not just Brazil, are also striving for as well.

IDB President Moreno was glad that as they strive to increase more private investment, the bank itself had made strides to incorporate policies that encouraged gender equality and diversity which is essential to development, while also factoring in climate change and environmental stability which are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-a-historia-do-processo-de-privatizacao-no-brasil,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html

Jeff Yastine and His Views of Amazon’s Future

Jeff Yastine is a financial adviser for Banyan Hill publishing. He sees trouble looming in the future for big e-commerce company Amazon. Some big problems Amazon faces in the future are antitrust laws.

Jeff Yastine thinks that the antitrust laws are going to be enforced on Amazon. As they were in the 1980s or 1990s with Microsoft. Jeff Yastine believes that there is not much competitiveness that Amazon promotes. This could be trouble for Amazon.

There could be serious trouble looming ahead for Amazon. There were a lot of major retailers who filed for bankruptcy in 2017. These 26 major retailers had liabilities worth $50 million each. This has been contributed to Amazon and how are these retailers could not compete with Amazon.

Already, in 2018 there have been several major retailers who filed for bankruptcy. Some of these retailers include Bon-Ton, and Claire’s. Other stores have gone out of business already in 2018. These also, are being contributed to Amazon practices of how they dominate the e-commerce and retail business world. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

Jeff Yastine thinks that Amazon’s Day of Reckoning is coming soon. Mr. Yastine thinks that antitrust laws will come into effect when it comes to Amazon having a dominance over other retailers and e-commerce companies. He points out that the government is aware of Amazon’s position of dominance. Mr. Yastine thinks this position of dominance is about to come to an end.

Jeff Yastine is a leading financial consultant journalist. He is the current editor of Total Wealth Insider. Total Wealth Insider is a publication by Banyan Hill publishing.

Mr. Yastine graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. He worked as a television reporter for a North Carolina Company. By 1993, Mr Yastine was a regular financial adviser on a respected program for PBS programming. This program was called Nightly Business Report. Mr. Jeff Yastine gives financial advice via these reports. He is a leading consultant for the journalism field.

Mr. Yastine can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. There are many videos on YouTube with him giving advice and reports on Amazon and other companies. Visit: https://jeffyastineguru.com/


Ted Bauman Explains Trends In the Stock Market

Ted Bauman says that the best way to approach the stock market is to make sure that you understand simple trends. He says that one trend that you should know is the stock market crashing followed by a huge upswing. This happens after sellers sell stocks because they are overpriced. However, after that happens and the stocks start to crash, many people will start buying stocks. These will usually be experienced investors who will want to buy stocks at a bargain. When they start doing that, the stock market will often go up, leading to an upswing. If there is a large crash that is caused by rules based selling, you may want to consider simply buying a few stocks at a bargain. Do not put all of your investments into that, because the stock market may continue going down, but put in enough money so that you do not risk too much while allowing yourself to make some nice gains if the market does get bullish once again. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted Bauman also recommends that you approach everything with a balanced viewpoint. He says that many people buy stocks that are overvalued. Today, with software that can help calculate your earnings ratios, people may find that their investments are overpriced, leading them to sell their stocks, which will cause many stocks to go down in value.

Finally, says Ted Bauman, you can hope for an increase in interest rates in the long term. The Fed will probably raise the interest rate at least once during the coming future. It is going to be very hard to time the market, however. A drop in the S&P can easily cause a recession in the economy. It is important to take the proper risk management strategies so that you have a better chance of staying safe if something goes wrong and the stock market crashes.

Ted Bauman recommends that you consider investing in both bonds and stocks. While stocks will give you an opportunity for better gains if the market goes bullish, the bonds will help keep you afloat if the market crashes, as they will not lose as much of their value as stocks will.

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ClassDojo Changes And Improves The Education Game

Wouldn’t it be great if someone invested as much time and energy into the educational system as much as the commercial fields of our country? It seems that the American culture as a whole has forgotten how about how important education is, not only for our children, but for the nation’s future as a whole. There are still people that know where to invest their time and energy, however. Those people are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These two created and launched ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a platform for the facilitation of communication between teachers and parents.

Thanks to ClassDojo, non English speaking parents can now communicate with their children’s teachers more clearly and effectively. With the implementation of modern technology through this simple and effective app, parents can view and track their children’s progress that is available at any time. This can make for a closer connection between parents and teacher, while at the same time, easing the stress of both.

Facilitating clear and constant communication with parents and teachers is not only beneficial for them and the students, but for the community as a whole. Teamwork is most effective with communication and that is why ClassDojo is creating a more positive educational culture within our country for all. The impressive educational innovation has already been distributed to 180 countries worldwide, bringing families and education closer together.

Through the use of the ClassDojo communication platform, people can expect to see improvements in the closeness between parents, teachers, school leaders, and communities in general. With so many positive effects, ClassDojo is available in 35 languages and is already being used by 90% of the American school districts. The effective combination of technology, education, and the will to better mold our future, has caused a ripple effect on the classic classroom set up and forever changed its course.

The ClassDojo platform enables the parents to remotely view the classroom setting at any time they wish, easing many concerns that they might have previously had due to the lack of awareness. The inability to be more involved in children’s education has been erased and positive connection between student, teacher, and parent has been created.

Ted Bauman and the Banyan Hill Publishing Approach to What to Do with Money

The Sovereign Society emerged in 1998 to provide the public with online information about finance and investing. The entity certainly wasn’t the only website providing information on financial matters. What did set this company apart, however, was the unique subjects presented on its online pages.

Today, as Banyan Hill Publishing, and the company continues to present solid information on his primary website and also through newsletters edited by Ted Bauman and others. The type of information presented by the connects more than symbolically with the company’s name. The name derives from the banyan tree, a tree capable of supporting itself during difficult weather. A theme continues here even with the moniker change since the previous name included the word “sovereign.” Reflected in the names would be themes involving self-sufficiency and the ability to deal with difficult times. Detailed financial articles written and edited by experts such as Ted Bauman help people understand these themes. View ideamensch.com to know more.

Ultimately, amassing a significant amount of capital opens the doors to personal sovereignty and freedom. Money creates access and status. Barriers in life can be removed once a person earns and saves money. Saving money isn’t enough though. Money should be put in the proper investments in order to grow. As these investments boost net worth, an investment portfolio creates personal sovereignty for the investor.

Self-sufficiency through net worth means expenses in life including emergency expenses won’t cause devastation. The average American lives paycheck to paycheck. He/she has very little net worth. Millions of people never have more than $1000 in their savings account. Such persons, sadly, have neither financial freedom nor fiscal stability.

Educating yourself on the subject of investing, presents a means in which tough financial times can be avoided. A great deal of investment information out there, however, is fairly trite. Writers and editors embrace the bland. Often, they produce advice and material solely the complete beginner. Their advice too frequently talks in general terms. The writers and editors at Banyan Hill Publishing try to do something different. Ted Bauman, in particular, allows his unique perspectives to shine through his three newsletters. The newsletters produced by Ted Bauman cover diverse areas of finance. Actually, all the newsletter released by Banyan Hill Publishing strive to be different. Subscribing to several newsletters could open many perspectives about what to do with your money. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ted-bauman/


Bruno Fagali Provides Legal Representation In Brazil

Need a powerful lawyer to represent you? Bruno Fagali is committed to representing companies and entrepreneurs who are encountering legal problems in Brazil. Whether you are dealing with a simple legal matter, or you’re going through a difficult legal situation, Bruno can help you. He knows how to represent his clients effectively and he will do his best to get you a good outcome.

Dealing with a corporate or business legal problem? Want to get a lawyer to address personal legal issue for you? There are many lawyers out there offering to help individuals and businesses resolve legal issues.

If you’re dealing with a personal injury case, for example, you need to hire someone who is well versed in that area. If your case involves family issues, a family lawyer will be the right legal advisor to contact.

Before choosing a lawyer, it is advisable to do your research. It is extremely important to find the best lawyer for situation. It is crucial that you choose a lawyer or law firm that has great expertise in handling the type of case you’re facing. If you want to a lawyer that handles Administrative Law or Regulatory Law cases, then check out Bruno Fagali.

Bruno has vast experience in a wide variety of legal fields and is well recognized in the legal community. He has a good understanding of the issues that affect professionals, organizations and individuals and he has the resources to help resolve his clients’ cases. Bruno Fagali can address your legal issues and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Once you have the right lawyer to handle your case, you can rest assured that you will obtain the best possible outcome in your situation.

Bruno Fagali represents clients in cases involving Ethics, Urban Law and Compliance. Bruno is a great attorney. He provides top notch legal solutions to clients and comes highly recommended. Numerous business owners and organizations turn to him to help address their complex legal issues. He can help keep your organization or company out of trouble.

To know more visit @: fagali.jusbrasil.com.br/

Heal And Soothe Is The Perfect Natural Solution To Pain Free Living


Having constant pain in your body can take a great toll on you both physically, as well as emotionally leaving many thinking they have no choice but to turn to prescription drugs. Taking prescription drugs only offers users a temporary solution, masking the pain but never truly aiding in more naturally effective ways for pain reduction. Pair this with a decrease in your body’s natural ability to heal injured areas as we get older, due to a reduction healing functions called healing proteolytic enzymes, and this becomes enough to make anyone think having a pain free life is not possible. Think again because all-natural pain relief is available and possible with the restoration of these transforming enzymes through Heal And Soothe.


Heal And Soothe is an amazing pain healing blend consisting of Proteolytic Enzymes paired with 12 all-natural ingredients including Boswellia Serrata extract, citrus bioflavonoid complex, devil’s claw extract, ginger, rutin, L-glutathione, turmeric extract, and additional elements, which are plants found in nature that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Get Related Information Here.


The combination creates a powerful and effective pain fighting formula for a faster healing process and alleviating aches when injured. Heal And Soothe also offers long lasting pain relief reducing the need to take prescription drugs on a continual basis to mask and not heal the injured area.


Heal And Soothe is clinically proven to produce pain free, restorative benefits to the body, being highly recommended by doctors for its naturally soothing abilities. Lastly, try Heal And Soothe with confidence without worrying about wasting money on a product that will not work. Heal And Soothe comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your desired results. Heal And Soothe is available today with convenient online ordering. So, what do you have to loose besides comfortable, pain free living!


View Source: http://www.naturalantiinflammatoryhelp.com/a-closer-look-at-heal-n-soothe-reviews-ingredients-and-precautions/


Information About Ted Bauman

He started working for Banyan Hill Publishing in 2003 where he is serving as “The Bauman Letter:” In addition, he also deals with Alpha Stock Alert, where he specializes in the asset protection, international migration issues, privacy and also low-risk investment strategies. Ted Bauman is located in Atlanta, GA where he lived with his family.

Ted Bauman has been spending his life helping the others directly with necessary resources that will enable them to have a true sovereign life. The life that is free from oversight by the government and other corporate greed. Having been born in Washington, raised in Maryland’s Eastern Shore, he went for his education at South African when still a young man. He attended Cape Town University and graduated with a postgraduate Economics and History degree. He was able to serve in various executive roles at South Africa for 25 years. Ted Bauman majored his career in non-profits sectors, and he was primarily the manager in the projects aiming at low-cost housing. It is with the help that he was able to find Slum Dwellers Internationals, something that has helped over 14 million people residing in different countries. Visit stocktwits.com to learn more.

The publisher where Ted Bauman is working for, Banyan Hill was started in 1998. when it was formed, it used to be referred to as “The Sovereign Society” which later became recognized as the global asset leader investment and protection which is based on self-reliance values and personal sovereignty. The readers of the site are helped with advice that pertains the global investment strategies, running offshore bank accounts, United States dollar diversification, international business corporations, private foundations, foreign residency and second citizenship. It comes along with tips that help in maintaining financial and personal privacy.

The rebranding of the site was 2016 and named as Banyan Hill Publishing so that it can focus on offering the actionable advice from the global experts with the company’s network in investing asset protection, and entrepreneurship. The experts have been enabling Banyan Hills to keep helping in day to day the Americans so that they can be able to obtain their total wealth freedom. It gives the citizens ability to be able to choose their financial destiny after making a better financial decision and also grow their wealth with little risk. It will also keep them free from financial worries that are making many people become sad. It is for those investors who are there looking for shelter due to the oncoming financial storm, it’s only two options that are readily available. They can make their own investment decision or seek advice from the company’s advisory, even though they will be charged a pretty penny. Learn more: https://affiliatedork.com/banyan-hill-publishing-investment-advice