John Goullet’s Tenure at Diversant LLC

Diversant is a leading African- American owned MBE specializing in IT staffing and solutions in the United States. The firm offers a spectrum of services that range from recruitment, IT staff augmentation, and innovative diversity solutions. Diversant adheres to the code of conduct by fostering respect for each other, ethical behavior, professional development, and disciplined teams. Diversant LLC is the best choices when it comes to IT staffing solutions. Besides academic qualification, Diversant LLC considers candidates passion before hiring them.

Diversant LLC strives to satisfy its clients through custom-tailored solutions that meet specific client’s needs. Just recently, Diversant LLC announced that it had opened a satellite office to expand its addressable market. Over the years, Diversant has earned accolades for its unique consultative approach in solving different IT problems and its value for customers.

John Goullet’s Career path

Mr. Goullet began his career as an IT technician, then switched to an IT consultant before founding his first IT staffing firm, Info Technologies in 1994. Mr. Goullet specializes in system staffing, network engineering, mobile development, and solutions architecture. With an extensive background in leadership and understanding of the ever-changing IT market, Mr. Goullet established Info Technologies to provide custom-tailored services that would address specific client’s needs. Info Technologies would offer IT staffing services to Fortune 500 companies globally. Over the years, Diversant LLC experienced drastic growth even during economic instability. At one point, Diversant’s asset value grew to $3 million earning it a top ten position among the fastest growing IT startups in the United States.

In August 2016, Mr. Goullet was appointed as Diversant’s Principal and chief operating officer. Diversant LLC was formed in 2010 after the merger of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. As Diversant’s principal, Mr. Goullet commits to developing new approaches to avert challenges in the ever-evolving ICT sector.

5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Moving Into An Assisted Living Facility A Success


Moving into an assisted living facility can be stressful for anyone. Many people think it might be easy, but here are some facts to consider:


– Some people don’t handle change well. They may be stressed out by living to the assisted living facility.


– Moving is often reported up as being extremely stressful; no matter what phase of life you are doing it in.


Here are 5 easy ways you can turn the move into success:


1: Plan! Planning is your friend. Include your loved one on your plans. Offer them as many choices as possible.


2: Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your friends and family member. Don’t be afraid to ask the assisted living facility questions.


3: Don’t be afraid to hire a mover. Sometimes hiring a mover can make the operation much less stressful. Hiring a mover can enable both you and your loved one more time together and less stress.


4: Take lots of extra time. This is a huge phase of life change, and many individuals are often stressed throughout the process. This is normal. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra time if you need it. Work with the assisted living facility to make the best plan possible for your loved one.


5: Start early. Don’t be afraid to break the process into more manageable steps for you and your loved ones. If you start early, you will be able to make the entire process feel less rushed.


If you still haven’t decided on an assisted living facility yet, don’t worry. There are many wonderful options where your loved one will be well cared for throughout their entire life. One such option is The Manse On Marsh.


The Manse On Marsh is a great company that you should consider for your loved one. This company provides excellent staff, care and compassion for their clients. The Manse On Marsh is a wonderful place to call home, and continues to be an award winning facility.

Securus Makes Video Visitation A Reality For Families

Securus video visitation is very easy for people to use when they are on a cell phone or tablet. Everything that is done with it is much easier than going to the jails or using another service, and that is why it is important for people to be sure that they have the resources that they need. I have been using Securus for a while now to check in with a cousin, and that makes my week much better. My cousin will be out soon, but I still have to check in every few days just to be sure.


There are many people who are going to be able to get help from Securus because they have made their app available for all the phones and tablets out there. I have it on my phone and tablet, and I have done the video visitation more than once on both of them. I like being able to see my cousin, and I know that a lot of other people will be able to get the same connections they need when they are using Securus.


Video visitation works just like any other video call out there, and it is important that people realize how easy it is to use this system over others. That is why I am using it often because they have it open to everyone. There are a lot of things that can be done to help people get in touch with family, and I know that it works because of the way that Securus has made their app so easy to use.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Michael Zomber’s Interesting Life and Achievements


Michael Zomber has made a career for himself by doing things that he has a passion for. However, Michael admits that his life has turned out much differently than he could have ever expected. He worked hard to become an excellent student. His website bio indicates Michael originally wanted to pursue a career as a professor of English. He thought there was many advantages to this career because of the easy schedule. He also thought that grading papers and giving lectures would not be a difficult way for him to earn a living. This is what caused him to pursue degrees in English and psychology when he attended college at the University of Illinois. However, all of those plans changed dramatically once Michael graduated from UCLA with an English literature master’s degree.

Michael Zomber became interested in two hobbies that would have an enormous impact on the rest of his life. He started to collect antique guns and samurai swords. However, he did much more than collect these weapons. He became an expert in their histories. In fact, Michael Zomber became such an authority on antique guns that he has been a regular contributor to many documentaries on the History Channel. He is now considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on both samurai swords and antique guns.

Michael Zomber has put all of his historical knowledge to good use by writing several novels. He also wrote and directed a documentary film about the life of samurai warriors who lived hundreds of years ago in feudal Japan. He has received praise from many of America’s most respected film critics.

Michael’s samurai sword and antique gun collections have become famous around the world. They contain many unique items that are extremely rare. This has caused some of the world’s most prestigious museums to reach out to Michael. These museums ask to put some of Michael’s best pieces on display. He is more than happy to do this because he wants other gun and sword enthusiasts to enjoy his impressive collection.  In fact, he’s just added a fantastic new piece to his collection, as News on 6 reports.

Luxury Is Enjoyed During Toys For Boys Event


For men who have already achieved the luxury lifestyle in Miami, Florida the chance to embark on a day filled with the best in luxurious activities has been offered by Toys For Boys founder Danilo Diaz Granados, who allowed the men the opportunity to enjoy thrilling activities in Miami and palm Beach across a single day.

Everybody enjoys a gourmet breakfast and the men hand selected by Danilo Diaz Granados enjoyed the first meal of their day in the modern and elegant surroundings of the One Thousand Museum designed by award winning architect Dame Zaha Hadid. A tour of the building and its luxury accommodation accompanied the breakfast, and was followed by a stunning helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track where each man was given the chance to hone their driving skills in a world-class racing environment.

Danilo Diaz Granados has been a major part of the Latin community in Miami for a number of years after he completed his education in entrepreneurship and economics at Babson College; Granados plays an important role as an investment specialist along with his continued leadership of the Toys For Boys brand. Bringing affluence and success to Miami is something Danilo Diaz Granados is continuing to explore in his ever expanding business opportunities across the state.

Under the leadership of Danilo Diaz Granados the work of Toys For Boys has expanded to included a range of high quality products offered to customers seeking the best in luxury products and experiences. At the close of the latest event organized by the brand in Maimi the group selected by Granados set out from the River Yacht Club in Miami to enjoy a sunset cruise with Dom Perignon Champagne to add to the luxurious nature of an unforgettable day.  Check him out on Twitter for more information.

Vanity Fair Announces Kyle Bass’ Attendance At 2016 New Establishment Summit

The New Establishment Summit is an annual event which incorporates industry leaders in top areas of the economy. Technology and media personalities are often in attendance, and speeches are usually made by them. The idea is to get the best-of-the-best together and hopefully facilitate alliances which develop economic growth. This year’s meeting will feature the Vice President of Apple and the CEO of Despite the draw of these two individuals, and the financial empires they command, a figure who is generating a little more controversy in some ways is billionaire hedge fund manager Kyle Bass.

Kyle Bass manages Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Austin, Texas. Austin is known as a liberal town, the satirical television show Portlandia portraying it as the Portland of Texas. Hedge funds are known for likewise having a liberal–or leftist–bent. What they usually do is circle corporations that are dying and pick off bits of financial flesh from them, just like buzzards. Perhaps this is what has earned hedge funds the nickname “vulture” funds. Kyle Bass’ hedge fund performs in a way that is considered average-at-best when compared against peer hedge funds. Still, Kyle Bass has an exceptionally creative way of divorcing ethics and finding loopholes. The best example of this is CAD.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and is a stock-manipulation agency that fronts as a humanitarian organization. CAD tricks the public into campaigning against big-ticket pharmaceuticals so that they’re forced to drop the prices they sell their drugs for as much as 90%. This affects their stock so bad they’ve got to cut departments like R&D just to reman solvent, meaning the sick lose breakthroughs that could have been weeks away. Meanwhile, the stock drop initiate’s Bass’ short-selling strategy, and he makes millions.


All these things combine together to make Bass’ appearance at the 2016 Summit controversial. How could his financial ethic be considered of the “industry-leading” variety?

Sam Tabar’s Success Story

Sam Tabar is an astute financial strategist who has worked hard to create a strong name for himself. This is due to his devotion to his clients to provide exemplary services that leave customers contented with his skills to help them. Sam Tabar is also knowledgeable in the legal field which he perfectly blends with the financial sector to create strategies and solutions that are valuable. He excelled in college to be who he is in today’s world. Tabar studied Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford and Law from Columbia University. He is also a member of the New York State Bar. Tabar’s educational background has given him a unique approach to both capital investment and law.

Sam Tabar started his career at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates as an attorney where he handled corporate matters. He later worked for Sparx Group/PMA in 2007 as the company’s managing director. At Sparx Group, Tabar was tasked with raising capital for the firm, business strategy, and development, legal counsel, and negotiation. His competency in merging law and the investment industry earned him the post of director and head of capital strategy for Asia Pacific Capital Introduction (APAC) at Merrill Lynch & Co. Tabar was adept at finding investors and introducing them to fund managers.

As a private investor, Tabar has made a major investment making him the earliest investors in Thinx and Tribute. Thinx is a company that sells designer underwear and their project aims at re-designing the feminine hygiene industry. Mr. Tabar invested into the project to assist girls and women from who lack access to sanitary towels.

In February 2015, Sam Tabar was named the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. The financial strategist is currently responsible for tax, legal and operational matters as well as the firm’s fund management strategy.

Tabar is also a fluent Japanese and French speaker. His skill in these languages is as a result of working for several nations during his profession.

Jim Hunt: May the Odds be Ever In Your Favor

In the first part of August, PRNewswire wrote an article about a challenge that Jim Hunt is on to make his mother a tax-free millionaire in a little as ten steps, using only a thousand pounds as his starting fund. Mister Hunt is a professional investment trader who doubles at VTA Publications as the CEO, and he’s so certain that his plan will work, that he’s posting the steps and the evidence on YouTube for the world to watch.

But there’s a little bit more to Mister Hunt and his plan to help people make money, because VTA Publications works in the financial and economical fields, publishing investment plans and techniques that anyone can learn from and use for themselves.

The company was first established back in 2012 and has been doing well, sending study materials to thousands of customers around the world. They also help book seminars for those who might be interested.

But be it trading on the stock markets or crafting a game plan for retirement, Jim Hunt and his company are prepared to teach people how to beat the odds, and what’s more, they have real proof that it works.

Larry Madowo Loves His Defaced Wikipedia Page

Larry Madowo, host of The Trend show on NTV, received a screenshot of his Wikipedia page one morning from one of his viewers, only to discover that the edited version listed him as being born in 1889 and employed as a politician. The edited version went on to describe him as a “Kenyan politician who was the leader of the Kazi Party,” The incorrect information states that he was birthed in Uganda, where his trade was mining copper. In 1919, he aligned himself with the Kenyan workers party, emerging as the leader of the can’t see party in 1921. In an attempt to establish control and power over the girl God movement, he staged a failed attempt to revolt in Kisumu. The page further claims that from 1933 to 1945, Madowo served as the Chancellor of Kenya while simultaneously serving as the leader of the Kazi Kenya party. As the dictator of this organization, it claims his invasion of Poland in September 1939 initiated will award to in Europe and that he played a significant role in the Jewish Holocaust. The report concludes by stating that even though there are suspicions that he could possibly be a vampire, for now Madowo works as news anchor. You can see why when someone decides to edit a Wikipedia page it can be all fun and games or it can be a nightmare for the company.

Occurrences such as this, while rare, are possible since the portal is open to businesses and individuals to monitor or update a Wikipedia page. The problem comes into play when people either input incorrect information that could be viewed as malicious, or the result of someone obtaining information without verifying the accuracy of the information before making Wikipedia revisions. In either case, the end result is incorrect information that must be identified and corrected before it is too late. In some cases, especially when the page is about a celebrity or business, the individual or entity named in the page is not notified of the information quickly, have no knowledge of the inaccuracy of the information, and does not have the available time or detailed knowledge on how to remedy the situation.

For this reason among others, hiring a Wikipedia expert from an editing service Get Your Wiki is a beneficial option for individuals or businesses to create a Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki does more than just create the page. In addition to editing the content and verifying the information for accuracy by providing resources and references, allowing Get Your Wiki to create a Wiki page for you will prevent your page from being flagged or worst deleted. Because Wikipedia does not support self promotion, pages that are submitted by creation companies like Get Your Wiki are often rejected or removed from the database soon after they are uploaded. Instead of wasting time creating something that will not be beneficial in the end, it is easier, faster, simpler, safer and more assuring to have Get Your Wiki make a Wikipedia page for you.

Crystal Hunt Has Proven She Belongs

It can be hard to not only survive but thrive in Hollywood. It is a very competitive field with a lot of talented actors and actresses. A lot of people are competing for the same jobs. However, one actress has stood out and made a positive impression on casting directors and agents. She did it at the age of 17. Crystal Hunt is someone that has always known what she wanted to do. It was her dream to be an actress and when she put her mind to and set out to do it, nothing was going to stop Crystal Hunt. That is one of the many bright spots about Hollywood: dreams do come true.

Her big break came when she appeared on 23 episodes of The Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. This performance was so good and captivated audiences so well that it earned her an Emmy nomination. Again, one must keep in mind that she was only 17 when she got the part. She didn’t fall down the same pitfalls as other young actresses or actors. She stayed on the straight and narrow. She was a sponge on set and tried to absorb as much information as she could from her co-stars.

She also appeared in the film, The Derby Stallion, with Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron in addition to working alongside Amanda Bynes in Sydney White. These are both two very different mediums but she took on the challenge and embraced it to the fullest. Acting is what she lives for, what she loves, and the best is yet to come for her in the future. She has her head on straight, people remember her for talented acting, and she is fully committed to this. Crystal Hunt doesn’t want to do anything else but act. Her biggest role so far was in the Warner Brothers flick, Magic Mike XXL, which has quite a following of fans.