Securus Technologies Offering Corrections Officers Helping Hand

The job of a corrections officer is far more dangerous than many even realize. There is not a day that goes by when I report to work where an inmate, officer, or visitor is injured at the hands of one of the inmates. Many of these incidents could have been avoided had my team had information to tip us off to the problem, and today we have that ability thanks to Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a company that manufactures and maintains inmate call monitoring systems, allowing prison staff the ability to listen more closely to what the inmates are saying while using jail phones. In the past me and my team would have to take turns listening in on those calls, taking action if we detected anything that was of a concern. Human error and the inability to listen to every word of every call put us at a disadvantage.

Securus Technologies has installed their inmate call monitoring system in thousands of jails all over the country, and have trained even more officers to be able to use the LBS software to pick up on chatter between inmates and their friends or family. The company is based in Texas, and the CEO says his employees are working towards a single objective, creating a safer world. Now that my team has learned how to operate the monitoring system, we can not live without it.

The system will quickly detect if an inmate is discussing getting drugs to the visitor center, allowing my team to be in position to catch the transfer before anyone gets hurt. Our team has heard inmates talking about making and hiding weapons for other inmates to use to attack rival gangs. Now when we get the alert, we are able to get ahead of any potential problem and maintain a degree of safety and order.