Sheldon Lavin Spends Forty Years At Food Processor

OSI Group knows they have many employees who work hard every single day to ensure that OSI Group is fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to clients, partners, suppliers and customers. North America, Asia and Europe house facilities owned by the food maker. These facilities operate in a way that allows the company to produce an array of foods and transport these foods around the world to partners everywhere. OSI Group as tens of thousands of workers on these three continents. All of these workers work under the leadership of the chairman Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin has a background in finance and banking. Manu decades ago when OSI Group was still Otoo & Sons, they were searching with financial assistance. Sheldon Lavin became close with the company then. he devises a plan for them to get the financing they needed to expand into being a larger company. He became so close with the company that he decided to join their workforce. He had years of experience, knowledge and abilities to help the company from the financial and operational part of the business.

Ever since he has came on board, he has worked to advance the organization through business practices, principles and strategies that allow OSI Group to prosper. He has worked with them to create long lasting partnerships. He has aided them with adding new products to their lineup. He has formed alliances with partners and clients who steadily work with the organization. It is his dream to make sure as the chairman and CEO, that OSI Group steadily brings in billion dollar revenues yearly, grow their list of clients, add more products and develop their facilities to handle large volumes.

Sheldon Lavin runs this Aurora, Illinois based food processor the ran the original founder ran it. Morals, hard work and great customer service is what started the original Otto & Sons. All of this is what is going to keep the organization running smoothly and growing. Sheldon makes sure that the food processor only puts out quality food and only puts out what customers demand. Pleasing the demand of customers is what keeps OSI Group as one of the top private food makers in the country.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group