Steve Lesnard Gives Insights on Powerful Marketing Principles

Steve Lesnard is a renowned brand marketing guru with decades of experience in integrated marketing. Lesnard is regarded as one of the most influential brand marketers and has served in senior marketing positions in large marketing companies such as Wolford and many global sports companies. Lesnard is such an authority in the marketing world and has successfully been able to grow leading brands in diverse industries, including the world of sports. Lesnard, as an expert in the world of marketing, gives some insights on how companies can effectively run marketing campaigns in the digital and social platforms. Here are two successful marketing principles, according to Steve Lesnard.

Keep it Simple to make it memorable principle

It is one marketing principle that successful companies such as Walt Disney, Apple, and Peleton have utilized and have become successful. Getting the storyline right is crucial in marketing a product says Steve Lesnard. When launching a product into the market, some of the fundamental things companies must look at is the product benefits to a consumer. Once the benefits of the product are known, the next step is communicating them to consumers in a simple, clear, and memorable manner. Use phrases that blend with consumer needs and are memorable. Also, Lesnard says that during product launch companies should not make mistakes, and marketing teams should focus on communicating the most innovative and relevant product features.

Bring it to life to make it real principle

Successful marketing principle number two, according to Steve Lesnard, is the customer-centered approach that seeks to bring life to the consumer. Once the storyline is clear, Lesnard says that the next thing that marketing teams should focus on is addressing the product impacts on the customers’ lives. Some of the marketing tools that will help to bring life to products and make them appear real according to Lesnard include the use of Videos and consumer testimonies that outlines the best features in the product. Steve Lesnard gives an example of How Yeti a cooler selling company was able to position its product in the market by just showing the outdoor lifestyle of their product ambassador. Through the strategy, they were able to showcase consumers how their products can help keep consumer drinks warm or cold for longer periods in the wild.