Sussex Healthcare Appoints New CEO

Sussex Healthcare is a leading healthcare firm in the United Kingdom. This firm deals with delivery of medical services. Sussex is an independent company that has 20 locations where they are taking care of patients who need long term medical care.

The company has a team of qualified specialist who can deal with all manner of problems that individuals may need. Sussex is concerned about the health of the people, and that is why they offer customized care to each. The care plans include a support system which ensures that all the matters that are affecting their clients are dealt with. They handle emotional, physical and emotional needs of a company.

Sussex Healthcare is deeply concerned about the wellness of their clients. They make sure that they have 24 hours services such that even if a client’s need urgent medical assistance, they will be able to avail themselves. The specialist working for Sussex are trained and can handle even complicated or specialized cases.


Recently, to boost the services they give to their clients, Sussex appointed Amanda Morgan Taylor as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Amanda is an experienced lady who has worked for many years in various organizations where she has assisted those organizations to grow very well. He has previously worked with health organizations that are going through a rough time trying to transition into this business. With her experiment in operational management, she has successfully assisted a number of them.

Amanda has been in the service industry for a long time. She first landed a job as a service manager in 1984. After landing this job, he majored in care services and over time he became knowledgeable about the healthcare industry. In his career, she has worked with external authorities and stakeholders in diverse areas of operations. He brings to Sussex deep knowledge of the industry, and he is expected to take this organization to another level of growth. Sussex will now offer even better services to their clients.

Sussex offers a wide range of services to the elderly and disabled people in the United Kingdom. Many of their clients are people who cannot live in their homes and have to be brought to a specialized facility where they can be looked after. For such frail group of people, they require specialized care which Sussex Healthcare is ready and able to deliver. The professional at Sussex has been trained on ways to handle such people who need specialized care.

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