Serge Belamant Takes Over the Creation of Blockchain Technology

His name is Serge Belamant, and he is responsible for founding blockchain technologies. He is also an experienced software developer and was instrumental in the creation of various blockchain technologies. Mr. Serge Belamant assisted in creating cryptocurrencies. His innovation has undoubtedly made it simpler for banks to process transactions such as investments and withdrawals efficiently. Serge hails from Tulle, France. He grew up in SA. In his teenage years, he learned how to communicate in English. That way, he was in a position to join a high school where he took up several physical activities before joining the rugby and chess clubs. Belamant was a perfectionist. He also took up various roles in the school’s sports fraternity where he became the head prefect of the club. Over the years, he would receive the Victor Ludorum award as a house captain in charge of general operations. He also attended the bridge club and represented his class in Congress. Serge Belamant would then help his team to win the championship in 1972.

When he graduated from high school, Serge joined the Witwatersrand University for engineering. He changed his mind and attended UNISA for computer systems. He also pursued information systems. Over the years, he discontinued his studies before taking up 3rd-year courses through UNISA. However, he didn’t find it necessary to complete his course. He proceeded to the work sector where he worked for Matrix, in the division of IBM computers. The skilled computer analyst would use software analysis tools to measure water levels found in dams. He also used the systems to predict future droughts.

Serge Belamant also worked with high-profile companies as a key contributor in establishing technological advancements that transformed how people use financial banking systems. His ability to create digital financial transacting software has highly been upheld. In 1989, he established Net 1 Technologies. The company enhances electronic payment systems by offering a chance for people to transfer grants to individuals in need across the world. Today, the firm is a leading software provider for emerging and established companies. He recently founded Zilch Technologies. He is also an advisor at Prism Group.

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