ViSalus Continues To Help Its Customer In Their Goal To Achieve

ViSalus is one of the world’s most unique lifestyle, health and fitness companies. The firm is headquartered out of Los Angeles, California and the country of Italy and it is the creation of three co-founders, Nick Sarnicola, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen. Mr. Sarnicola is the firm’s current Chief Executive Officer. These three business partners founded ViSalus in 2005.


ViSalus is known for its line of high-quality health and lifestyle products that are geared toward lifestyle and weight loss. These include products such as energy drinks and shakes for meal replacement.


The “Vi 90 Day Challenge” is another factor that has helped to make ViSalus a global name in the health and lifestyle sector. ViSalus has also garnered significant praise for is generous commitments to philanthropic causes around the world through its Vi Cares initiative.


2005 was the year when ViSalus launched the first of its famous body challenges. The Vi 90 Day Challenge has become a legendary phenomenon in fitness circles and has helped propel the company by boosting its profile. The team at ViSalus is committed to helping people attain their highest levels of personal health and fitness. The goal is to empower an individual to become the best that they can become.


This attitude and driving principle have helped to propel ViSalus into a true success story within its industry. Today, ViSalus has a 15 country footprint around the world and has been instrumental in helping more than three million individuals in their weight loss goals. This success has led to ViSalus receiving many awards over its decade-plus history of operation.


The Vi Cares initiative serves as ViSalus’ philanthropic work arm. Charitable giving is a big part of the company culture at ViSalus and the firm has garnered much praise for its commitment to giving back. The leadership team at ViSalus is committed to using the fruits of their success to help others through giving. The philanthropy is accomplished through many different events and programs that are supported by the firm. ViSalus also donates to many worthy causes in the spirit of giving back to the world. Click Here to learn more.


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